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Beutell, Nicholas J. "Life-Work Continuum in Times of Crisis: A Family Perspective." Human Centered Management and Crisis: Disruptions, Resilience, Wellbeing and Sustainability, edited by Peter Essens, Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Nicholas J. Beutell, Linda Ronnie and Anielson Barbosa da Silva, Routledge, 2023. Faculty Author 658.407 H 918

Engemann, Kurt J., Cathryn F. Lavery and Jeanne M. Sheehan. "Advances in Socio-political Risk Management." Socio-political Risk Management : Assessing and Managing Global Insecurity, edited by Kurt J. Engemann, Cathryn F. Lavery and Jeanne M. Sheehan, DeGruyter, 2023. Faculty Author 658.155 S 678

Essens, Peter, Maria-Teresa Lepeley and Nicholas J. Beutell. "Integrative HCM View of Resilience and Wellbeing." Human Centered Management and Crisis: Disruptions, Resilience, Wellbeing and Sustainability, edited by Peter Essens, Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Nicholas J. Beutell, Linda Ronnie and Anielson Barbosa da Silva, Routledge, 2023. Faculty Author 658.407 H 918

Howerton-Fox, Amanda, Jodi L. Falk and Robert Kretschmer. "A Portrait of Grammar Knowledge in Practice: Teacher Language Awareness in a Swedish Bilingual School for the Deaf." Cases on Teacher Preparation in Deaf Education, edited by Nena Raschelle Neild and Patrick Joseph Graham, IGI Global, 2023. Faculty Author 371.912 C 337

Kinkela, Katherine. "Environmental, Social and Governance Objectives and Disclosures (ESG) and Enterprise Risk." Socio-political Risk Management : Assessing and Managing Global Insecurityedited by Kurt J. Engemann, Cathryn F. Lavery and Jeanne M. Sheehan, DeGruyter, 2023. Faculty Author 658.155 S 678

Kristian, Kathleen, Christina Andruk, Benjamin Gaines, Mychel Varner, Margaret Smith and Joseph Stabile. "Place-Based Learning and Real-World Context in General Chemistry Laboratory via Urban Ecology and Green Chemistry." Engaging Chemistry Students with Real-World Context, Volume 2, edited by Daniel B. King and Gail H. Webster, American Chemical Society, 2023.

Moretti, Thomas J. "Enduring the Eventual: A Virtuous Way of Reading Shakespeare." Shakespeare's Virtuous Theatre: Power, Capacity and the Goodedited by Kent Lehnhof, Julia Reinhard Lupton and Carolyn Sale, Edinburgh University Press, 2023. Faculty Author 822.33 A 42Le.

Sheehan, Jeanne. "Beyond Lip-Service: Content Clouds, 10-K Filings, Cyber Risk and the Electric Grid." Socio-political Risk Management : Assessing and Managing Global Insecurity, edited by Kurt J. Engemann, Cathryn F. Lavery and Jeanne M. Sheehan, DeGruyter, 2023. Faculty Author 658.155 S 678

Veyvoda, Michelle A., Amanda Howerton-Fox, Sarah J. Martin, Christiana Awosan, Islah Tauheed and Jodi L. Falk. "Engaging Families of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children through Asset-based Approaches: Loaded Backpacks and Courageous Conversations." Advocating and Empowering Diverse Families of Students with Disabilities through Meaningful Engagement, edited by Millicent M. Musyoka and Guofeng Shen, IGI Global, 2023. Faculty Author 371.9 A 244

Vickerie, Lutisha S. and Christoph Winkler. "Upholding the American Dream for Black Women Entrepreneurs: From Tokenism to Key Drivers of Economic Viability." The Rowman & Littlefield Handbook on Workplace Diversity and Stratification, edited by Tsedale M. Melaku, Angie Beeman and Christoph Winkler, Rowman & Littlefield, 2023. Faculty Author 658.3 R 876

Williams, Sharon Kimberly. "A Theopoetics of Exodus and the Africana Spirit in Music." Life Under the Baobab Tree: Africana Studies and Religion in a Transitional Age, edited by Kenneth N. Ngwa, Aliou Cissé Niang, and Arthur Pressley, Fordham University Press, 2023. Faculty Author 200.89 L 693


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