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Faculty Authors


Book Chapters

Berlage, Gai. "Marketing and the Publicity Images of Women's Professional Basketball Players from 1977 to 2001." The Kaleidoscope of Gender: Prisms, Patterns, and Possibilities. Belmont: Thomson/Wadsworth, 2004. 

Engemann, Kurt J., Holmes E. Miller, and Ronald R. Yager. "Attitudinal Based Expected Values for Continuous Random Variables." Advances in Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems. Vol. V. Windsor: International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, 2004.

Engemann, Kurt J., Holmes E. Miller, and Ronald R. Yager. "Evaluating E-Commerce Projects Using an Information Fusion Methodology." Enhancing the Power of the Internet. New York: Springer, 2004.

Audiovisual Materials

Photographer Tony Vaccaro: From Normandy to Berlin. Dir. Nancy Jo Johnson. Nancy Jo Johnson, 2004. Videocassette. 
Call number: VIDEO-CAS 1692

Articles & Conference Proceedings

Full-text online access to the articles is provided if available. Please note that full-text access for some of the articles is restricted to Iona faculty, students, and staff. Online abstracts, if available, are provided in lieu of full-text in other cases. 

Alstete, Jeffrey W. "Destination Benchmarking: Concepts, Practices, and Operations [Book Review]." Benchmarking: An International Journal 11.6 (2004): 637-8.

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