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Iona College Faculty Authors: 2006


Book Chapters

Miller, Holmes E., Kurt J. Engemann, and Ronald R. Yager. "Mitigating Natural Disasters." Advances in Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems Volume VII. Windsor: International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, 2006.

Panetta, Eileen. "Westchester: The Suburb in Fiction." Westchester: The American Suburb. Ed. Roger G. Panetta. New York: Fordham University Press, 2006. 

Procario-Foley, Elena. "Heir or Orphan? Theological Evolution and Devolution Before and After Nostra Aetate." Vatican II: Forty Years Later. Maryknoll: Orbis Books, 2006.

Salomone, Frank A. "He Sang Away my Blues." Bridges to Humanity: Narratives on Fieldwork and Friendship. Ed. Bruce T. Gindal and Frank A. Salamone. Long Grove: Waveland Press, 2006.

Solomon, Stanley J. "Images of Suburban Life in American Films." Westchester: The American Suburb. Ed. Roger G. Panetta. New York: Fordham University Press, 2006.

Articles & Conference Proceedings

Full-text online access to the articles is provided if available. Please note that full-text access for some of the articles is restricted to Iona faculty, students, and staff. Online abstracts, if available, are provided in lieu of full-text in other cases. 

Alstete, Jeffrey W. "Inside Advice on Educating Managers for Preventing Employee Theft." International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management 34.11 (2006): 833-44.

Alstete, Jeffrey W. "Knowledge Management and Higher Education: A Critical Analysis [Book Review]." Knowledge Management Research & Practice 4.3 (2006): 252-3.

Alstete, Jeffrey W., David Halpern, and J.L. Nasuti. "A Case of Suspected Sex Discrimination in an American Multi-National Corporation." International Journal of Decision Ethics 2.2 (2007): 191-201.

Beutell, Nicholas J. and Marianne M. O'Hare. "Career Pathfinders: A Qualitative Study of Career Development." Psychological Reports 98.2 (2006): 517-528.

Beutell, Nicholas J. and Beutell, Nicholas J.. "Web-based Human Resource Management: People, Technology, and HR Strategy." Review of Business Research 6.4 (2006): 1-10.

Bottiglieri, William A., and Steven L. Kroleski. "Gain Rollover May Apply in the Sale of Principal Residence." CPA Journal 76.1 (2006): 52-54.

Braunstein, Andrew W. "MBA Academic Performance and Type of Undergraduate Degree Possessed." College Student Journal 40.3 (2006): 685-690.

Braunstein, Andrew W., Mary Lesser, and Donn R. Pescatrice. "The Business of Freshman Student Retention: Financial, Institutional, and External Factors." Journal of Business & Economic Studies 12.1 (2006): 33-53.

Braunstein, Andrew W., Mary Lesser, and Donn R. Pescatrice. "The Business of Freshman Student Retention in the Post September 11 Environment: Financial, Institutional, and External Influences." Journal of American Academy of Business 8.1 (2006): 134-141.

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Haber, Jeffry. "Theoretical Development of Bankruptcy Prediction Variables." Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research 1.2 (2006): 81-100.

Ivanov, Lubomir. "A Modern Course on Parallel and Distributed Processing." Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 21.6 (2006): 29-38.

Kelso, Tony. "Viewing Advertising through the Lens of Faith: Finding God in Images of Mammon." Implicit Religion 9.1 (2006): 29-53.

Kershenbaum, Aaron, Haldun Hadimioglu, Lubomir Ivanov, Robert Schaffino, and Mark Hoffman. "Is Computer Science Still Relevant?" Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 21.6 (2006): 182-7.

Krishnan, Srilal N. "Calculus of Functions and their Inverses: A Unified Approach." Teaching Mathematics and Its Applications 25.3 (2006): 127-130.

Kyaw, NyoNyo A., Cornelis A. Los, and Sijing Zong. "Persistence characteristics of Latin American financial markets." Journal of Multinational Financial Management 16.3 (2006): 269-290. [Abstract only.]

Miller, Holmes E., Kurt J. Engemann, and Ronald R. Yager. "Disaster Planning and Management." Communications of the International Information Management Association 6.2 (2006): 25-36.

Perricone, Christopher. "The Aspiration to the Condition of Touch." Philosophy and Literature 30.1 (2006): 229-237.

Perricone, Christopher. "The Influence of Darwinism on John Dewey's Philosophy of Art." Journal of Speculative Philosophy 20.1 (2006): 20-41.

Poger, Sofya, and Frances Bailie. "Student Perspectives on a Real World Project." Journal of Computing Sciences in Colleges 21.6 (2006): 69-75.

Rentzler, Joe, Kishore Tandon, and Susana Yu. "Short-term market efficiency in the futures markets: TOPIX futures and 10-year JGB futures." Global Finance Journal 16.3 (2006): 330-353. [Abstract only.]

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Salamone, Frank. "In Search of Religion." Reviews in Anthropology 35.2 (2006): 155-167.

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Vanacker, Bastiaan and John Breslin. "Ethics of Care: More Than Just Another Tool to Bash the Media?" Journal of Mass Media Ethics 21.2-3 (2006): 196-214.

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Yager, Ronald R. "OWA Trees and their Role in Security Modeling Using Attack Trees." Information Sciences 176.20 (2006): 2933-2959. [Abstract only.]

Yager, Ronald R. and Zeshui Xu. "The Continuous Ordered Weighted Geometric Operator and its Application to Decision Making." Fuzzy Sets & Systems 157.10 (2006): 1393-1402. [Abstract only.]

Yager, Ronald R., Enrique Herrera-Viedma, and Gabrielle Pasi. "Knowledge Trees and Protoforms in Question-Answering Systems." Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 57.4 (2006): 55-563. [Abstract only.]