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Faculty Authors


Book Chapters

Bauer, Helen Pike. "Missing Children: Representations of Anglo-Indian Maternity." The Male Empire Under the Female Gaze: The British Raj and the Memsahib. New York: Cambria, 2013. Faculty Author 820.99287 M 245

Breslin, Jack. "Naughty Seeds of Sensationalism: Gossip and Celebrity in 19th Century Reporting." Sensationalism : Murder, Mayhem, Mudslinging, Scandals, and Disasters in 19th-century Reporting. New Brunswick: Transaction, 2013. Faculty Author 071.3 S478 

Cleary, Scott. ""Resisting the 'Democratic Spirit': English Catholicism and the Cisalpine Movement." Representing Place in British Literature and Culture, 1660-1830: From Local to Global. Burlington: Ashgate, 2013.

Cusack, John L. "Sustainability in an Interdependent Global Economy." Leadership for a Global Economy: A Pathway to Sustainable Freedom. Atlanta, GA: North American Business, 2013. 83-90. Faculty Author 303.34 L4345

D'Aversa, Teresa G., and Christina Zeoli Costa. "Neurotoxic and Inflammatory Mediators Elicited by Astrocytes and Microglia in Response to Myelin Basic Protein (MBP)."Horizons in Neuroscience Research. Vol. 12. New York: Nova Science, 2013. Faculty Author 616.8 H811

Delgado, Teresa. "Dead in the Water ... Again: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness in the 21st Century."  Theological Perspectives on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness: Public Intellectuals for the 21st CenturyNew York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. Faculty Author 320.973 T391

Engemann, Kurt J. and Holmes E. Miller. "Attitudinal Sensitivity and Decision Making." Advances in Decision Technology and Intelligent Information Systems, Volume XIV. Windsor: The International Institute for Advanced Studies in Systems Research and Cybernetics, 2013.

Manley, John F. "Financial Challenges in the Global Economy." Leadership for a Global Economy: A Pathway to Sustainable Freedom. Atlanta, GA: North American Business, 2013. 51-70. Faculty Author 303.34 L4345

Marsden, Michael T. "Dances with Wolves: Romantic Reconstruction, Historical Reality, or Both?" Contemporary Westerns: Film and Television since 1990. Lanham: Scarecrow Press, 2013.

Shetty, Anand. "Financial Crisis, Global Imbalance, and Globalization: Cry for Cooperative Action." Leadership for a Global Economy: A Pathway to Sustainable Freedom. Atlanta, GA: North American Business, 2013. 171-78. Faculty Author 303.34 L4345

Articles & Conference Proceedings

Full-text online access to the articles is provided if available. Please note that full-text access for some of the articles is restricted to Iona faculty, students, and staff. Online abstracts are provided in lieu of full-text in other cases. 

AlHichri, Haikel, Yakoub Bazi, Naif Alajlan, Farid Melgani, Salim Malek, and Ronald R. Yager. "A Novel Fusion Approach Based on Induced Ordered Weighted Averaging Operators for Chemometric Data Analysis." Journal of Chemometrics 27.12 (2013): 447-456., doi:10.1002/cem.2557. [Abstract only.]

Alstete, Jeffrey W. "The Dynamics of Strategy: Mastering Strategic Landscapes of the Firm [Book Review]." Strategic Management Review 7.1 (2013): 110-11.

Alstete, Jeffrey. "Essential Distinctiveness: Strategic Alternatives in Updating the Business Core Curriculum." Quality Assurance in Education 21.2 (2013).

Alstete, Jeffrey. "What the Best College Students Do [Book Review]." Review of Higher Education 36.4 (2013): 552-553.

Altschuller, Shoshana, Abraham N. Fried, and David Gelb. "Fee Assessment: The Audit Price Tag of Innovative IT Solutions." AIS Educator Journal 8.1 (2013): 36-49.

Altschuller, Shoshana, and Raquel Benbunan-Fich. "The Pursuit of Trust in Ad Hoc Virtual Teams: How Much Electronic Portrayal is Too Much?" European Journal of Information Systems 22.6 (2013): 619-636.

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Beutell, Nicholas J. "Generational Differences in Work-Family Conflict and Synergy." International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 10.6 (2013): 2544-2559.

Breslin, Jack. "Ethical Issues in a Rookie's World [Book Review]." Journal of Mass Media Ethics 28.2 (2013): 148-50.

Bournoutian, George. "Təkrarlanan Tarix--Təkrarlanan Şərhlar, Baku: 'Şərq- Qarb' [Book Review]." Iran & the Caucasus 17.4 (2013): 449-450.

Carroll, James T. "The Harrisburg 7 and the New Catholic Left [Book Review]." Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry & Practice 17.1 (2013): 232-234.

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Egelman, William. "Reconstructing Italians in Chicago: Thirty Authors in Search of Roots and Branches [Book Review]." Italian Americana 31.2 (2013): 218-9.

Egelman, William and Michael D'Angelo. "Neighborhood Change and the Emergence of a Social Mosaic: The Case of Italian American Bensonhurst." International Journal of Community Diversity 12.3 (2013): 29-38.

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Greenwood, Tracey, and Teresa Delgado. "A Journey Toward Wholeness, a Journey to God: Physical Fitness as Embodied Spirituality." Journal of Religion and Health 52.3 (2013): 941-954.

Griffith, Andrew S. "Tweaking Student Loan Policies." CPAFocus 13.6 (2013): 16-17.

Griffith, Andrew S. and J. Griffith. "Recordkeeping: Minimum Document Retention Guidelines for Individual Taxpayers." TAXPRO Monthly 5.34 (2013): 14-15.

Griffith, Andrew S. and Russell Abratt. "The Consumer-Provider Relationship in the Dental Industry." Health Marketing Quarterly 30.3 (2013): 221-234. [Abstract only.]

Grunewald, Donald. "Greenforest Bank: Case Study." Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics 10.1 (2013): 33-42.

Haber, Jeffry. "Mandatory Audit Firm Rotation: The Wrong Question." CPA Journal 83.3 (2013): 17.

Haber, Jeffry. "Resolving the Dichotomy between Investors and Managers About Whether Active Management Beats the Index." Journal of Business and Economics 4.10 (2013): 1033-7.

Haber, Jeffry. "When Do Manager Fees Start to Matter?" Journal of Knowledge and Human Resource Management 6.13 (2013): 96-108.

Jacobson, Colleen, Kristen Batejan, Marjorie Kleinman, and Madelyn Gould. "Reasons for Attempting Suicide among a Community Sample of Adolescents." Suicide & Life-Threatening Behavior 43.6 (2013): 646-662.

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Loubeau, Patricia. "The Challenge of Tobacco Control in Romania: Policy Review." Central European Journal of Public Health 21.1 (2013): 98-103.

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Paffenroth, Kim. "Review of Margaret Miles, Augustine and the Fundamentalist's Daughter." Pastoral Psychology 62.3 (2013): 383-385.

Paffenroth, Kim. "The Gospel of Judas: On a Night with Judas Iscariot [Book Review]." Catholic Biblical Quarterly 75.4 (2013): 807-808.

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Encyclopedia Entries

Eodice, Alexander R. "Critical Realism." New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-2013: Ethics and Philosophy. Vol. 1. Detroit: Gale, 2013. 325-6.

Eodice, Alexander R. "Interpretation." New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012-2013: Ethics and Philosophy. Vol. 2. Detroit: Gale, 2013. 793-5.


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