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Faculty Authors

Book Chapters

Oswald, Patricia A. "The Effects of Cognitive and Affective Perspective Taking on Empathic Concern and Altruistic Helping." Stand!: Social Psychology: Contending Ideas and Opinions. Braintree: Coursewise, 1999.

Oswald, Patricia A. "Using the Personal Computer to Teach Statistics." Handbook for Teaching Statistics and Research Methods. 2nd ed. Mahwah: Lawrence Elrbaum, 1999.

Articles & Conference Proceedings

Full-text online access to the articles is provided if available. Please note that full-text access for some of the articles is restricted to Iona faculty, students, and staff. Online abstracts, if available, are provided in lieu of full-text in other cases.

Abate, Corinne. "Katherine Gordon and the Art of Marriage Brokering in 'Perkin Warbeck.'" Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 53.2 (1999): 11-29.

Bailie, Frances K. "The Internet and Career Development." Proceedings of the IIMA 2000.

Bauer, Helen Pike. "Outside the Fold: Conversion, Modernity, and Belief [Book Review]." Christianity & Literature 49.1 (1999): 144-7.

Berlage, Gai Ingham. "Wait Until Next Year: A Memoir by Doris Kearns Goodwin [Book Review]." Journal of Sport History 26.1 (1999): 198-200.

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