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Citing Sources Guide

Iona University Libraries Research Guide on Citing Source

Research Paper

Always follow your instructor's guidelines if specified. CSE does not have a standard format; science writers follow the journal's policies they are submitting to. However, here are a few guidelines to follow for the citation page:

  • All lines are flush with the left margin
  • No hanging indents
  • Author's last name and then initials; no commas or periods between initials
  • Wright BG.
  • List ten authors using a comma between authors, then write et at. for all subsequent authors
  • Adams AB, Brown BC, Cookes CD, Dudley DE, Eggert EF, Flowers FG, Gaffe GH, Hapert HI, Iklant IJ, Jippy JK, et al.
  • Only capitalize the first word of a title - unless a proper noun
    • "The bluest eye"
    • "My name is David"
  • Titles of books and articles are "placed in quotations marks" or "underlined"
  • Edition information goes after the title
    • first becomes 1st; second becomes 2nd; third becomes 3rd; fourth becomes 4th
  • Journal titles are abbreviated. Follow the set abbreviation in the CASSI
  • Do not hyperlink the URL

There is no standard format for formatting a research paper in CSE. Science writers follow the journal submitting standards for formatting. Please follow your instructor's requirements.

Reference List Layout

  • All lines flushed left (no hanging indents)
  • Single spaced
  • If you use citation-sequence, the reference list is numerical
  • If you use citation-name, the reference list is alphabetical
  • Author initials are used rather than first names  (Wright N.)
  • Author's last name, the first and middle initials, then a period (no commas) - Taylor TS.
  • When more than one author use commas - not and or & (Cohen DS, Rider AG, Feldman G.)
  • When more than ten authors list first ten then follow with et al. (10 authors Williams D, et al.)
  • Only the first word in a title is capitalized
  • Titles of books and articles are placed inside quotation marks or underlined
  • Abbreviate journal titles; no periods are used in the abbreviation (e.g., Mol Cell Biol)
  • Do not hyperlink URLs