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Citing Sources Guide

Iona University Libraries Research Guide on Citing Source

Research Paper


  • Summarize the scope of your research and demonstrate the importance of your study.


  • Descriptive title
  • Sentence case:
    • Capitalize the first word
    • Capitalize the first word following a colon or em dash
    • Capitalize proper nouns
    • Capitalize nouns followed by a numeral or letter
    • All other words in lower case
  • Do not end with a period - your title should not be a sentence
  • Do not start with an article
  • Use plain (no bold, italics, or special fonts)

Author(s) & Affiliations

  • List names of everyone who contributed - you need to include your research advisor - any lab partners, or other colleagues
  • The lead author (usually you) name goes first
  • Affiliation usually will be Iona University


  • Written in third person
  • Written in passive voice
  • Be sure to include
    • the importance of the research
    • any problems you attempted to solve
    • the approaches and methods you took
    • an overview, not too much detail
    • a conclusion but not specific results
  • 200 - 500 words (follow instructions of your professor)


  • Follow the rules under Abstract


  • Importance
  • What is currently known/accepted
  • What are you trying to prove


  • Explain results as they relate to what you are trying to prove
  • Use graphs to illustrate your findings


  • What were your results
  • What questions or methods should be explored further
  • What questions arise from the results which need to be studied


  • Anyone who helped or provided funding


  • Use ACS formatting