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Citing Sources Guide

Iona University Libraries Research Guide on Citing Source

CSE Style

A print copy is available in the Ryan Library Reference Section.

Online access to the Quick Style Guide for CSE Style is available from the link below:

CSE is a citation style by the Council of Science Editors and is typically used by the science disciplines, particularly biology.

There are three different styles within CSE.

  • Citation-Sequence
  • Citation - Name
  • Name-Year

Please check with your professor to determine which citation style they prefer.

There are three methods of providing in-text citations in ACS. Please check with your professor for the preferred method.

  1. Citation-Sequence:
    • Uses superscript numerals or a number in parentheses to identify in-text citations. The exact number is used for the corresponding reference every time it is cited. So if the first work cited is by Fraser, it will be given a ¹, or a (1) will always be Fraser¹ or Fraser (1) every time it is cited
      • Fraser will then be the first entry on the Reference list since it was the first cited source
  2. Name-Year:
    • Uses parenthetical in-text citations that include the author's name and the year of publication
      • (Williams 2018)
      • The Reference list is alphabetical
  3. Citation-Name:
    • Uses superscript numerals to identify in-text citations. The number corresponds to the reference list number, which is arranged alphabetically
      • The first alphabetical entry receives a superscript 1, the next a superscript 2, etc.
        • So if Morris is your fifth entry on the Reference list, all citations will be Morris5​​​​