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Citing Sources Guide

Iona University Libraries Research Guide on Citing Source

Chicago Manual of Style and Turabian

The ninth edition of the Manual for Writers corresponds with the seventeenth edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.
Print copies are available at the Ryan Help Desk, the Research Desk, the Arrigoni Help Desk, and on the reference shelves.

Online access to the Chicago Manual of Style is available from the link below:

Chicago Manual of Style

Online access to the Turabian Style is available from the link below:

Turbian Style

The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed., is used by some fields in the humanities, mainly history and some sciences. The Turabian style is a shortened version of Chicago.

The Chicago style has two different techniques for formatting citations: Notes-Bibliography (N/B) and Author-Date (A/D).

Notes-Bibliography is usually used in history, arts, and humanities. This format uses a superscript numeral in the text after the item cited, and then either a footnote at the end of the page or an endnote at the end of the essay. These end/footnotes contain full bibliographic information about the source. This format requires a complete Bibliography at the end of the paper.

Author-Date is usually used for the social sciences and sciences. This format uses an in-text parenthetical author-date method. Papers using this method will include Reference List.

Be sure to check with your professor as to which method to use.