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Citing Sources Guide

Iona University Libraries Research Guide on Citing Source


* The two styles are identical except for the order of the references.


  • Uses superscripts to label in-text citations
  • The reference list is sequential by the superscripts (not alphabetically)


  • Uses superscripts to label in-text citations
  • Each superscript number matches a reference
  • The superscripts correspond to the alphabetical order of the reference list


Author's last name and year of publication within parentheses - no punctuation between the name and the publication year)

  • One Author
    • (Tailor 2019)
  • Two Authors
    • (Tailor and Kim 2022)
  • No Author
    • (Chemistry...2001) use the first word of the title followed by an ellipsis and the date
  • Citations are numbered following the alphabetical list on the reference page. The superscript number matches the number on the reference list