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Citing Sources Guide

Iona University Libraries Research Guide on Citing Source

Research Paper

  • 12-point Arial or Times font 
  • Double-spaced except for block quotes which are indented and single-spaced
  • Minimum of 1/4 inch margins on all sides
  • Page numbers beginning with the title page and including the reference page placed in the upper right corner
  • Running header - shortened from the title - justified left - on all pages


Title page: Full title (title case and bold), author's names, institutions, complete word count, running header

Abstract: New page, use the full title as the heading (all caps, not bold, and left-justified), 200 words or less, and list three-five keywords

Body: New page, headed by the full title (all caps and left-justified - THIS IS A FIRST LEVEL HEADING ), use headings and subheadings as needed (the second level headings are title case, italicized and left-justified - This is a Second Level Heading)

References: New page, list alphabetically