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A guide to using the citation manager RefWorks

Installing Refworks Citation Manager for Word 2016 and Office 365

This tool can be added to your personal devices and is not available for download on public computers at Iona University.

  1. Open a blank Microsoft Word 2016 document
  2. Click on the Insert tab
  3. Click on Store
  4. In the Office Add-ins window, search for RefWorks
  5. Click on RefWorks Citation Manager
  6. Click on Add to install
  7. Select the Refworks Citation Manager tab and click the Refworks Citation manager button. The Refworks pane opens on the right side of the document
  8. Log in to RefWorks. Synchronizing data with your RefWorks account. This may take a few moments, especially on your first login. Once you are logged in, the sidebar updates with your references with an icon to the Main Menu on the top left and a refresh icon on the bottom right