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A guide to using the citation manager RefWorks

Creating a Bibliography

You can easily create a bibliography from the All Documents area, any collection or your search results list.

Navigate to the collection you want to use (or All Documents area or run a search and select items) and click the Create bibliography icon

You can choose to create a bibliography for selected references or for all of the reference in the collection (or in All Documents if that's the view you are in).

Next, search for your output style and select it.  Your formatted bibliography will be displayed in your browser for you to copy and paste into any word processing software.

To use a custom output style from your RefWorks account, see the creating and modifying citations styles page.

Creating Bibliographies & In-text Citations Using Quick Cite

Creating In-Text Citations with Quick Cite:

  1. Log-in to RefWorks
  2. Click on the Quote icon
  3. Select Quick Cite
  4. Choose a Citation Style from the drop-down menu. Click continue
  5. To create a Citation, select Insert Citations
  6. Select the book/article you want to cite. Hit Copy Citation
  7. Paste created citation in your document

Creating Bibliographies with Quick Cite:

  1. To create a Bibliography, Select Bibliography at top of the window
  2. Select books/articles to include by clicking on the Star
  3. Select Copy to Clipboard
  4. Paste created bibliography into your document

Review and proofread RefWorks generated in-text citations and bibliographies to ensure it complies with current citation practices using the Citing Sources Research Guide.