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Iona WorldCat

How do I find articles in Iona WorldCat?

Iona WorldCat is a great place to start your research.  It offers direct access to articles in a select number of databases.  To access all article databases visit the Databases A-Z & by Subject page.

Begin at the Search WorldCat box on the Library Home page.

Type in the search term(s), the title of the article, or the author, and hit enter or submit.  

The search results page includes items in various formats (books, eBooks, articles, streaming video, etc.). Check off article in the "Looking for a" section on the left side of the page.

WorldCat limiter for Articles


How do I view the article?

Click on the maroon button, which says either Access Online or View Full Text.

Example of an article with a full-text link found in WorldCat.

Example of an article with an access online link in WorldCat.

This link should either open up the article online, or it may display a pop-up list of several links. For articles, it should not matter which link you select.

Example of a list of links for an article



Problems opening the article?

If you are having trouble opening an article, try these steps:

  • Make sure the article is Held by Iona College Libraries, otherwise see What if the Library doesn't Own the Article?
  • Try clicking each of the View full text links that appear when you click Access Online.
  • Try the Database Troubleshooting tips.
  • Contact a Librarian.

What if the library doesn't own the article?

Interlibrary Loan

The article record will have "At other libraries worldwide" instead of "Available - Iona University Libraries."

Article not held by Iona in WorldCat


Click on the title of the book and then click on the maroon Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button, located to the right of the article's record information.


Fill out the brief form to request the article. You will receive an email if the article is available with either the article attached or a link and password to use for access. Please visit the Interlibrary Loan policy page for further information.

How can I go directly to the Research Databases?

From the Iona WorldCat search results page or the off-campus WorldCat log-in and use the Resources drop-down menu.  Click on Article/eBook Databases.

menu access to research databases from WorldCat

The Databases A-Z and by Subject page contains Multidisciplinary, Subject Specific, and News and Current events databases.

Multidisciplinary Databases cover many subjects and are a good starting point if your topic is broad.

Subject Specific Databases are specialized and cover the range of individual disciplines of Iona's faculty departments.  They are useful when you have narrowed down your topic to a specific subject.

News and Current Events Databases include newspaper and magazines databases, and others covering current and controversial issues.

Searching with the article's citation information

To search for an article using the full citation information (title, author, journal, etc.), you can use the Full-Text Citation Finder.  This may be accessed on the Databases A-Z and by Subject page under "F" and Full-Text Citation Finder.

Fill out all the information and then click on the Search button at the bottom of the screen.

worldcat full text citation finder arrow pointing to search button