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Iona WorldCat

What is a “list” in Iona WorldCat?

  • Lists are a great way to build a bibliography for your research paper.
  • Lists let you keep track of items of interest and refer back to them whenever you want to.

Note:  You will need to sign-in with your WorldCat username and password (not your Iona network credentials) to save permanent lists.

To save an item, click on the Save button to the upper right of the book or article record.

Image showing the Save button for a WorldCat record.

When you are done saving items, go to "My Items" on the upper right-hand screen, below the sign-in button.

WorldCat_my items button


WorldCat_create a list form

The last step is to name your list and select all the items you want to appear in the list.

WorldCat_create a personal list form