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Iona WorldCat

How do I find a book in Iona WorldCat?

Begin at the Quick Find Box on the Library Home page.  Simply type in the search term(s), the title of a book, or an author's name in the Quick Find Box and hit enter or submit.

WorldCat quick find search box on library homepage

The search results page will show items in various formats, including books, eBooks, articles, streaming video, etc. Check off "Book" under the "Looking for a" section on the left side of the page.

WorldCat Discovery Limit to a Book


How do I find an eBook in Iona WorldCat?

Follow the search steps above.  In the "Looking for a" section, click on eBook.

To access an eBook click on View eBook.   You will be asked for your Iona network credentials to access many eBooks.

example of eBook in WorldCat

You may also visit eBook databases directly and search by the specific eBook database collection.


How do I know if the book is available?

On the bottom of the book information, you will see the availability status, location, and call number.

Example of print book found in WorldCat

Note:  Write down the call number (e.g. ) and look at the Collection Locations page to find out where to find the book.

What if the library doesn't own the book?


Interlibrary Loan

The book record will read "At other libraries worldwide" instead of Available, Iona University Libraries. 

Sample Book Not Held by Iona in WorldCat

Click on the title of the book and then click the maroon Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button located to the right of the book's information, under Access Options.

Image of the Request Item through Interlibrary Loan button in WorldCat

Fill out the brief form to request the book.  You will receive an email if and when the book is available.  Please allow at least 7 days for the book to arrive.  Requests for recently published textbooks are often denied by other lending libraries.  Please visit the Interlibrary Loan policy page for further information.

Note:  Partner lending libraries usually do NOT lend eBooks, only print books.