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This Research Guide is designed to aid students in using Iona College Library resources to complete projects and assignments for the English Communication Skills: Writing required course and includes important reference works, articles in databases, and journals. 

View the department's website and find information about course offerings, program faculty, curriculum requirements, etc.

Start Your Research

Where are the Library Books?

Click on link to Collections Locations information.  

Questions to ask once you've located a record in WorldCat about collections locations:

1) Is it in Ryan or Arrigoni Library?
2) Make sure the item is marked "Available."
3) Look in the Location field of the item record for Call Number, the address o the book on the shelf.
4) Find the book(s), The Help Desk can assist you if can't t find it.

Start Your Research with eBooks

Databases for Articles

I don't know which article is good for my assignment?

You’re in a database like Ebsco and just typed in your keywords or terms.  Once you hit “Submit” and the results come up, you may find results that do not seem to help answer your research question.  If it’s difficult and frustrating to find articles in that long list, remember that you can change the initial results by limiting and filtering them in order to get a shorter list of results with more relevant articles. You may also change your search words at any time.  

To avoid spending valuable time reading articles or book chapters that will not be useful for your assignment, take these actions:

  • check off the box for scholarly or peer-reviewed articles if that is what you need
  • put limits on the publication date if required for this assignment
  • narrow results by selecting topics you’re interested in using the Subject filter. 

Also, look for clues in the citation which contains information such as the article title, journal title, publication date, and subjects, which provide valuable clues about whether or not this resource is relevant. If you locate the title of a promising article or book, read the abstract or short summary in order to get a clear idea of whether or not the article or book is on target. 

You can always consult with a librarian: look for the Getting More Help tab on the top of the guide.

Database Search Tips

Here are tips for better search results in databases. These tips work on most databases, but check the  'Help' sections or ask a librarian for more information.

Boolean: (using connectors: and, or, not)
  • mother and father - searches for occurrences of both words within scope defined
  • mother or father - searches for one or all, but both are not required
  • mother not father - searches for occurrences of the word mother without use of the word father
  • (mother not father) and family - searches for occurrences of the word "mother" without the use of the word "father" and then also requires the word "family"
         art*  - searches for art, arts, artist, artistic, artistry, artful, etc. 

Access to Public Libraries

  • New York Public Library
    Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays property taxes in New York State is eligible to receive a New York Public Library card free of charge. A NYPL library card offers borrowing privileges as well as access to a good number of online databases.
  • New Rochelle Public Library / Westchester Library System
    Students, faculty and staff of Iona College are eligible to apply for a New Rochelle Public Library card. Simply bring proof of identity and residency to the registration desk at the library. Students attending college in New Rochelle can use a school ID or a 'paid' tuition bill. Faculty should provide documentation of employment in New Rochelle. A New Rochelle Public Library card will give you access to the entire Westchester Library System.
  • Your own public library system in Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey. etc.

For more information, see the eBooks tab in the Research Essentials Guide.