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Research Essentials

A General Guide to Research: how to research, where to look for sources, how to evaluate work, and where to get research help in the Iona University Libraries.

Research Support

Help Desk

  • Provides technical assistance with hardware, software, or network issues.
  • Check out a book or find a course reserve book placed by a professor.
  • Pick up an item on hold for you.
  • (914) 633-2635

Contact the Help Desk or visit the Help Desk located at the main entrance of Ryan Library. Help Desk assistance is also available in Arrigoni Library.

Library Policies

The library is designed to accommodate various studying needs and be conducive to learning and doing research. Please follow these policies:

  • Silent Study Rooms - Please respect your fellow students by not talking or listening to music without headphones
  • Group Study Rooms - Two students minimum to use. Rooms are first come, first serve, and cannot be held. No holding rooms. Rooms are not sound proof
  • Group Study Areas - The lobby space near Romita Auditorium, Periodicals Room, and the 2nd floor in the Irish Room are all spaces for interactive group work
  • Cell phones should only be used in the main entrance and on stair landings
  • Food is only allowed in the lobby space near Romita Auditorium and in the Periodicals Room

For more information, please visit the libraries Policies page.