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Research Essentials

A General Guide to Research: how to research, where to look for sources, how to evaluate work, and where to get research help in the Iona University Libraries.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a form of cheating, theft, and deceit.  When you plagiarize, you are:

  • creating an opportunity for faculty and /or future employers to question your integrity and performance, which may lead to disciplinary actions

  • deceiving faculty who are evaluating your work

  • depriving another author due credit for his or her work

  • showing disrespect for your peers who put effort into doing their own work

  • denying yourself the opportunity to practice, improve, and receive feedback on necessary skills for your future education, career, or hobbies

Plagiarism is directly opposed to the intellectual growth and lifelong skills you endeavor to build in college. To understand how Iona University defines and penalizes plagiarism, review the Academic Integrity Research Guide. To avoid plagiarism by correctly citing sources in your research, review the Citing Sources Research Guide.


RefWorks is the preferred citation manager in Iona University Libraries. RefWorks essentially scans articles for metadata (information about the source), saving that metadata in the citation format of your choice, and has additional features that allow you to create bibliographies and share sources when doing collaborative work.

The RefWorks Research Guide provides instructions on downloading, troubleshooting, and using the citation manager in the RefWorks system.