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Artificial Intelligence: For Students


Welcome! The library is a great place to start learning more about artificial intelligence (AI), whether you are just becoming familiar with it or are an experienced user.

This guide covers AI for students, including background, ethics, possible uses and tools, evaluation, citation, and resources. AI as a technology and tool in education is quickly evolving; please check back for updates and developments. Along with AI technology, this guide is under construction and a work in progress. Many of the tools listed in this guide are under development and experimental and have not been evaluated by Iona University Libraries.  

Always check the course syllabus or speak with your instructor to determine the extent to which you can and should use generative AI in completing your course work.  

Please visit these campus resources to learn more about AI support and resources.

Library Support Team | Iona University

AI@Iona | Iona University

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is technology that enables computers and machines to simulate human intelligence and problem-solving capabilities.