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Career Exploration

Iona University Libraries Guide to Career Exploration

Career Exploration

Connect with the Gerri Rip Center for Career Development to assist you with your career needs. If you have identified a career or are exploring your options, the career center has the resources to support you.


This guide is designed to assist you with career planning by providing the resources to research industries and individual companies. This research will help you prepare for a job interview. Important things to remember as you prepare:

Searching for a job takes time, and it's important to research the industry and the companies where you are applying.

Potential employers expect you to know about their company and the trends in the industry.

Showing an understanding of current trends and topics and an interest in the direction of the field will help you stand out.

Iona Library resources are available to you while you are enrolled at Iona. Once you are no longer enrolled in classes, look at the tab "More Resources."  Many of the databases highlighted in this guide are available at your public library.