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English Research Guide

A guide to assist in library research for English and Film Studies classes

Phrases Coined by Shakespeare

135 Phrases Coined by William Shakespeare

All that glitters is not gold
   Eaten out of house and home
       Fight fire with fire
           Household words
               The be all and end all

Wild goose chase

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Why Shakespeare is even funnier than you thought

Historical linguists have reconstructed Original Pronunciation, often based on conclusions that can be drawn from spelling and specific instructions given in 16th-century grammar books. In the video below, David Crystal, author of The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespeare Pronunciation, explains how Original Pronunciation recovers the original rhymes and puns that are otherwise missing in modern performances of Shakespeare’s plays.

More Shakespeare Websites

Great information on Shakespeare and his works is available on the Internet. Below is a small sample of websites you can look at to learn more.

Shakespeare in NYC

Free Shakespeare in the Park

Free Shakespeare in the Park is one of the most important programs that The Public Theater provides and is at the heart of founder Joe Papp’s vision to create theater for all. In the last 50 years, more than 5 million people have enjoyed performances at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. exciting theater and exceptional performances under the stars.   

New York Classical Theatre

"New York Classical Theatre creates and reinvigorates audiences for the theatre by presenting free productions of popular and forgotten classical plays in public spaces throughout New York City. We are also committed to developing and producing new plays by living playwrights that enrich and expand our understanding of what defines a classic."