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A guide to assist in library research for English and Film Studies classes

Phrases Coined by Shakespeare

135 Phrases Coined by William Shakespeare

All that glitters is not gold
   Eaten out of house and home
       Fight fire with fire
           Household words
               The be all and end all

Wild goose chase

More phrases are found by visiting

Why Shakespeare is even funnier than you thought

Historical linguists have reconstructed Original Pronunciation, often based on conclusions that can be drawn from spelling and specific instructions given in 16th-century grammar books.   In a video, David Crystal, author of The Oxford Dictionary of Original Shakespeare Pronunciation, explains how Original Pronunciation recovers the original rhymes and puns that are otherwise missing in modern performances of Shakespeare’s plays. 

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Elizabethan England Websites

  • Life in Elizabethan England (
  • Elizabethan England from the Shakespeare Resource Center (

More Shakespeare Websites

Great information on Shakespeare and his works is available on the Internet. Below is a small sample of websites. Search for them on Google or Bing.

  • Folger Shakespeare Library
  • The Quartos of Shakespeare
  • The Oxford Shakespeare

  • Shakespeare Resource Center
  • Virtual Tour of the Globe Theater
  • Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Test Yourself with Shakespeare Quizzes

There are many fun-to-take Shakespeare quizzes to test your knowledge of all things Shakespeare. Some of the titles are:

  • The Shakespeare's Quotes Quiz
  • Shakespeare and Film Quiz
  • Shakespeare and the Supernatural
  • Shakespeare in Pop Songs
  • Which of Shakespeare's heroines are you? 

Search shakespeare quiz on page Tip: use a different browser if you don't see quiz.

Shakespeare in NYC

--The Shakespeare Society

The Shakespeare Society was founded in 1997 for people who share a passion for Shakespeare and an enduring desire to understand and appreciate the greatest playwright of the English language.   It has grown into a nonprofit cultural organization, presenting entertaining and challenging programs that combine stage performances by outstanding actors with illuminating commentary by noted Shakespearean writers, scholars, and directors. 


ShakespeareNYC is a company of artists dedicated to presenting the entire Canon of Shakespeare's plays in theatrically gripping and beautiful productions. Their motto is "Trust Shakespeare" and they strive for clarity and wit, the appreciation and exploration of heightened speech, and the timelessness of Shakespeare's moral vision.

--Free Shakespeare in the Park

Free Shakespeare in the Park is one of the most important programs that The Public Theater provides and is at the heart of founder Joe Papp’s vision to create theater for all. In the last 50 years, more than 5 million people have enjoyed performances at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park. exciting theater and exceptional performances under the stars.   

TED-Ed Videos

Brief interesting videos can be found on the website TED-ed at
A few titles are:
1. Why Shakespeare loved iambic pentameter - David T. Freeman and Gregory Taylor
2. Did Shakespeare write his plays? - Natalya St. Clair and Aaron Williams
3. Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath