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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Staying current with AI news

There is an increasing number of articles and commentaries addressing the impact of artificial intelligence on education, business, arts, and most aspects of day-to-day life. We will continue to add select articles to this page but recommend the below resources and tools to help you stay current on research and articles in this area.

We suggest creating a search alert in one or more databases. Search alerts save research time, and can be set up to provide e-mail notifications whenever new search results become available within that database.

Ebsco databases - Instructions for creating a search alert  

Proquest databases. - Instructions for creating a search alert

Gale databases - Instructions for creating a search alert 

U.S. Major Dailies from Gale provide full-text access to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The L.A. Times, The Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune

Pubmed from the NIH - Instructions for creating a search alert

More resources:

Visit the NYT Special section on AI (NYT Digital account required)

Visit the MIT Technology Review section on AI

The Latest

Vaira, L.A., Lechien, J.R., Abbate, V. et al. Validation of the Quality Analysis of Medical Artificial Intelligence (QAMAI) tool: a new tool to assess the quality of health information provided by AI platforms. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2024).

U.S. Census Bureau.  (Accessed 13 May, 2024). Census Bureau Releases Business Trends and Outlook Survey Data With Artificial Intelligence Supplement.  Press Release Number CB24-TPS.31.

Care, M. (2024, May 8) Impact of AI on Local News Models
AI is disrupting the local news industry: Will it unlock growth or be an existential threat? Local New Initiative, Northwestern University.

Beaty, A. (2024 8 May). How AI helped scientists find an alphabet in sperm whale sounds. ZDNet.

Burtch, G., Lee, D. & Chen, Z. The consequences of generative AI for online knowledge communities. Sci Rep 14, 10413 (2024).

Cai, S. (2024, 8 May). Circles of intelligence: How AI is redefining human creativity. Fast Company.

Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. (2024, May 8) Research team develops AI to perform chemical synthesis.

"How AI Will Shape Society Over The Next 20 Years". Youtube, uploaded by Forbes, (8 May 2024).

Marr, B. (2024, May 8). the Important Difference Between Generative AI And AGI. Forbes.

Saeidnia, H.R., Kozak, M., Lund, B.D. et al. Evaluation of ChatGPT’s responses to information needs and information seeking of dementia patients. Sci Rep 14, 10273 (2024).

Allyn, B. (2024, April 30). Eight newspapers sue OpenAI, Microsoft for copyright infringement. NPR.

Callaway, E. (2024, April 29). ‘ChatGPT for CRISPR’ creates new gene-editing tools: Some of the AI-designed gene editors could be more versatile than those found in nature. Nature.

Diakopoulos, N. & Cools, H. & Li, C.  & Helberger, N. & Kung, E. & Rinehart, A.  & Gibbs, L. (Accessed 2024, April 22). Generative AI in Journalism: The Evolution of Newswork and Ethics in a Generative Information Ecosystem. 10.13140/RG.2.2.31540.05765 

Soufi, D. (2024, April 21). The pros and cons of saying ‘thank you’ and ‘good morning’ to AI.  El Pais.

Consky, M.  (2024, April 21). Researchers warn of unchecked toxicity in AI language models.

Powers, A. Y., McCandless, M. G., Taussky P, et al. (2024, April 20). Educational Limitations of ChatGPT in Neurosurgery Board Preparation. Cureus 16(4): e58639. doi:10.7759/cureus.58639

Cook, J. (2024, April 18). 5 ChatGPT Prompts To Predict And Prepare For Future Industry Trends. Forbes.

Knibbs, K. (2024, April 17). How One Author Pushed the Limits of AI Copyright. Wired.

Redman, T.C. and Hoerl, R.W. (2024, April 16). AI and Statistics: Perfect Together. MITSloan Management Review.

Ulanoff, L. (2024, April 16, 2024). I finally found a practical use for AI, and I may never garden the same way again. Techradar.

Abdaljaleel, M., Barakat, M., Alsanafi, M. et al. (Accessed 2024, April 15). A multinational study on the factors influencing university students’ attitudes and usage of ChatGPT. Sci Rep.

Morgan J. Clark, M., Reynders, M. and Holme, T. (Accessed 2024, April 15). Students’ Experience of a ChatGPT Enabled Final Exam in a Non-Majors Chemistry Course. Journal of Chemical Education Article ASAP.

Chason, R. (2024, April 13). With French under fire, Mali uses AI to bring local language to students. The Washington Post.

Running Wolf, M. (Accessed 2024, April 11). Why First Languages AI Can Be a Reality. TEDxBoston.

Fang, X., Che, S., Mao, M. et al. (Accessed 2024, April 11). Bias of AI-generated content: an examination of news produced by large language models. Sci Rep 14, 5224 (2024).

Chawla, D.S. (2024, April 10). Is ChatGPT corrupting peer review? Telltale words hint at AI use. Nature.

Wang, J., Ye, Q., Liu, L. et al. (2024, April 5). Scientific figures interpreted by ChatGPT: strengths in plot recognition and limits in color perception. npj Precis. Onc. 8, 84.

Beaty, A. (2024, April 5). Google Books and Scholar users beware: AI-generated nonsense is flooding search results. ZDnet.

Zeff, M. and Germain, T. (2024, March 29). We tested AI censorship: Here's what the chatbots won't tell you. Gizmodo. 

Zhu, L., Mou, W., Lai, Y. et al. (2024, March 29). Language and cultural bias in AI: comparing the performance of large language models developed in different countries on Traditional Chinese Medicine highlights the need for localized models. J Transl Med 22, 319 (2024).

Issaiy, M., Ghanaati, H., Kolahi, S. et al. (2024, March 27). Methodological insights into ChatGPT’s screening performance in systematic reviews. BMC Med Res Methodol 24, 78 (2024).

Roth, E. and Kennemer, Q. (2024, March 23). Financial Times tests an AI chatbot trained on decades of its own articles. The Verge.

Heikkilä, M. (2024, April 11). Is robotics about to have its own ChatGPT moment?  MIT Technology Review.

Reed, R. (2024, March 22). ChatNYT. Harvard Law School.

(2024, March 11). 14 takeaways from Mila’s first international conference on human rights and AI. MILA News.

(2024, February 23). Generative AI can accelerate study time, research shows.

Chinmaya, M., Rinus, V., Peter H. & Skantze, G. (Accessed 2024, February 8). Real-time emotion generation in human-robot dialogue using large language models. Frontiers in Robotics and AI.

Beech, D. (2024, February 7). 5 ways ChatGPT can support your teaching. Royal Society of Chemistry.

Piers, C. (2024, February 7). Even ChatGPT Says ChatGPT Is Racially Biased. Scientific American.  

Bassi, M. (2024, February 6). Three Students Just Deciphered the First Passages of a 2,000-Year-Old Scroll Burned in Vesuvius’ Eruption. The trio used artificial intelligence to decode sections of the text. Smithsonian Magazine.

Balázs Kovács, B. and Le Mens, G. (2024, January 31). Can ChatGPT Accelerate Social Science Research?  Yale Insights.

Pallivathukal, G.R., Soe, K.H. and Donald, P, et al. (January 27, 2024) ChatGPT for Academic Purposes: Survey Among Undergraduate Healthcare Students in Malaysia. Cureus 16(1).

Andrews, M. (2024, January 26). Mammography AI can cost patients extra. Is it worth it? CNN Health News.

Hunter, B. (2024, January 26). Can AI interpret the law?  Pacific Legal Foundation.

Stokel-Walker, C. (2024, January 26). TV channels are using AI-generated presenters to read the news. The question is, will we trust them? BBB.

C. Weir, A. Dyson, O. Jogunola, L. Dennis and K. Paxton-Fear. (2024, January). Interlinked Computing in 2040: Safety, Truth, Ownership, and Accountability. Computer, vol. 57, no. 1, pp. 59-68. 

Anderson, S. (2024, January 24). ChatGPT Helped Write This Award-Winning Japanese Novel: After receiving the prestigious Akutagawa Prize, Rie Kudan spoke about why she used A.I. to write a portion of her work. Smithsonian Magazine.

(2024, January 24). Democratizing the future of AI R&D: NSF to launch National AI Research Resource pilot. NSF News.

Street, D. A., Wilck, J., and Chism Z. (2024, January 24). Six Principles for the Effective Use of Artificial Intelligence Large Language Models: How to Leverage ChatGPT, Bard, and Bing Chat in Accounting Work The CPA Journal.

Paresh, D. (2024, January 24). OpenAI Quietly Scrapped a Promise to Disclose Key Documents to the Public. Wired.

Deb, J., Saikia, L., Dihingia, K.D., & Sastry, G. N. (2024, January 18). ChatGPT in the Material Design: Selected Case Studies to Assess the Potential of ChatGPT. Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling Article.

Choi, J., Kim, J.W., Lee, Y.S. et al. (2024, January 17). Availability of ChatGPT to provide medical information for patients with kidney cancer. Scientific Report 14, 1542.

El Khoury, G. (2024, January 9). Assessing Arabic Proverb Translation Accuracy: A Comparative Study of ChatGPT and Google Translate with Pedagogical Applications. The FLTMAG. 

Milmo, D. (2024, January 8). ‘Impossible’ to create AI tools like ChatGPT without copyrighted material, OpenAI says. The Guardian.

Brown, A. and Kachani, S. (2024, January 5). To Understand ChatGPT’s Impact on Higher Education, Think Like a Scientist
When a technological breakthrough creates a fog of confusion, rigorous research is the best way to illuminate the path forward. Edsurge.

Fleming, D. (2023, December 15). Researchers use environmental justice questions to reveal geographic biases in ChatGPT. Virginia Tech News.

Singer, N. (2023, December 13). Chatbot hype or harm? Teens push to broaden A.I. literacy. The New York Times.

Buszka, S., Cortez J., Meltzer I. (2023, December 14). Student Perspectives on Using AI. EDUCAUSE Exchange Podcast.

Hu, Y., Mai, G., Cundy, C., Choi, K., Lao, N. (2023) Geo-knowledge-guided GPT models improve the extraction of location descriptions from disaster-related social media messages, International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 37:11, 2289-2318, DOI: 10.1080/13658816.2023.2266495

Montgomery, B. (2023, December 13). ChatGPT to summarize Politico and Business Insider articles in ‘first of its kind’ deal. The Guardian.

Pasquini, N. (2023, December 13). Mapping ChatGPT’s knowledge universe. Harvard Magazine.

McKay, J. (2023, December 14). How ChatGPT Could Help First Responders During a Disaster. Government Technology. 

(2023, December 9). Europe reaches a deal on the world's first comprehensive AI rules. NPR.

Alaoui, S. (2023, December 7). How ChatGPT can help you do archival research — but never replace archivists. The Conversation.

Cook, J. (2023, December 6). 6 Giveaway Signs Of ChatGPT-Generated Content. Forbes.

Thawonmas, R. & Taveekitworachai, P. (2023, December 6). Enhancing Novelty in ChatGPT Responses: Incorporating Random Word Brainstorming. IAIT '23: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Advances in Information Technology.

Chelli, G. (2023, November 23). Lab take on a kids’ game reveals biases in ChatGPT. Nature.  

(2023, November 15). Introducing the LC Labs Artificial Intelligence Planning Framework. THE SIGNAL: Digital Happenings at the Library of Congress.

Rowlatt, J. (2023, November 15). AI could predict hurricane landfall sooner. BBC News.

Calvino, F., et al. (2023, November 14), "What technologies are at the core of AI?: An exploration based on patent data", OECD Artificial Intelligence Papers, No. 6, OECD Publishing, Paris,

Levkovich I, Elyoseph Z. (Accessed 2023, November 14). Identifying depression and its determinants upon initiating treatment: ChatGPT versus primary care physiciansFamily Medicine and Community Health 2023;11:e002391. doi: 10.1136/fmch-2023-002391

Darby, F. (2023, November 13). Why You Should Rethink Your Resistance to ChatGPT. Chronicle of Higher Education.

Barrett, K. (2023, November 14). ChatGPT Poses Ethical Quandaries for Nonprofits. Here’s How to Confront Them.
When used correctly, ChatGPT can be a useful tool. But nonprofits must take a balanced, human-centered approach. Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Palfrey, J. (2023, November 12). Underregulating tech is a relic of the 90s. AI is an urgent call for change. The Hill.

Taloni A, Scorcia V, & Giannaccare G. (2023, November 9). Large Language Model Advanced Data Analysis Abuse to Create a Fake Data Set in Medical Research. JAMA Ophthalmol. doi:10.1001/jamaophthalmol.2023.5162

Pasquini, N. (2023, November 9). A Dashboard for Artificial Intelligence: Computer science professor Fernanda Viégas believes “dashboards” that disclose AI models’ biases can help laypeople control AI. Harvard Magazine.

Greenfield, J. (2023, November 4). AI in Academic Neurology: A Chat With ChatGPT-4. NeurologyLive.

Madison, C. (2023, October 28). Why AI Doesn’t Get Slang. And why that’s a good thing. The Atlantic.

Garfinkle, M. (2023, October 27). AI or Not? Debate Erupts Over Authenticity of Gannett's 'Reviewed' Articles, Employees Demand Answers. Entrepreneur.

Navlakha, M. (2023, October 26). Google Bard, ChatGPT: Are AI chatbots suppressing information about Israel and Palestine? Mashable.

Kozlov, M. & Biever, C. (2023, October 25). AI ‘breakthrough’: neural net has human-like ability to generalize language. Nature.

Hagendorff, T., Fabi, S. & Kosinski, M. (2023, October 5). Human-like intuitive behavior and reasoning biases emerged in large language models but disappeared in ChatGPT. Nat Comput Sci 3, 833–838 (2023).

Belfiore, M. (2023, October 2). 5 global problems AI could help solve. The Verge. 


The Latest (Archives)

Kim, J., Kim, J. H., Kim, C., & Park, J. (Accessed 2023, September 29). Decisions with ChatGPT: Reexamining choice overload in ChatGPT recommendations. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 75, 103494. https://10.1016/j.jretconser.2023.103494

Moser, E. (2023, September 28). Can ChatGPT help us form personal narratives?  Penn Today.

Schrader, A. (2023, September 26). Another A.I.-Generated Artwork Was Denied Copyright Protection, Adding a New Knot to the Complexities of Creative Ownership. Artnet News.

Pazzanese, C. (2023, September 21). Is ChatGPT more foul than fair? Scholar explains key issues in writers’ case against OpenAI. Harvard Gazette.

Lomas, N. (2023, September 21). Poland opens privacy probe of ChatGPT following GDPR complaint. Techcrunch.

Hashahar, A. (2023, Septemer 21). 5 Mistakes I Learned to Avoid When Working With ChatGPT: What I learned from using ChatGPT for business purposes day-to-day across my content websites. Entrepreneur.

Turner, V.S. (2023, September 20). Four Amazing Impacts of This A.I.-Powered Bird Migration Tracker: A reimagined tool called BirdCast is helping birders, scientists and even farmers. Smithsonian Magazine.

Choi, C. (2023, September 19). ChatGPT May Be A Better Improviser Than You: Chatbots come up with more creative uses for common items than the average person but lag behind the best humans. IEEE Spectrum.

Goldman, S. (2023, September 18). Today’s AI is ‘alchemy,’ not science — what that means and why that matters. VentureBeat.

Gorichanaz, T. (Accessed 2023, September 14) Accused: How students respond to allegations of using ChatGPT on assessments, Learning: Research and Practice, DOI: 10.1080/23735082.2023.2254787

Strayer, P. (2023, September 13). ChatGPT Sparks Growing Interest in A.I. - Can It Help the Wine Industry? Wine Business.

Ellis, C. (2023, September 12). Transforming the public sector and harnessing the power of ChatGPT. Open Access Government.

Pugh, J. (2023, September 9). The 'perfect' teaching assistant? Universities find new uses for AI. CBC News.

Conroy, G. (2023, September 8). Scientific sleuths spot dishonest ChatGPT use in papers. Nature.

Woollacott, E. (2023, September 1). OpenAI Hit With New Lawsuit Over ChatGPT Training Data. Forbes.

Jones, R. (2023, August 31). 10 million enslaved Americans' names are missing from history. AI is helping identify them. National Geographic.

Rao A, Pang M, Kim J, Kamineni M, Lie W, Prasad A, Landman A, Dreyer K, Succi M (Accessed 2023, August 31). Assessing the Utility of ChatGPT Throughout the Entire Clinical Workflow: Development and Usability Study. J Med Internet Res 2023;25:e48659

Wen, L. (2023, Augsut 29). AI could impact health on a ‘planetary scale.’ Here’s how. The Washington Post.

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(2023, July 20). ChatGPT, AI in health care and the future of medicine with AMA President Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH
AMA Update.

Davis, W. (2023, July 9). Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta for copyright infringement. The Verge.

Ronen, R. (2023, July 8). How generative AI tools like ChatGPT can revolutionize web accessibility. Venture Beat.

Hu, A. (2023, July 6). The overlooked climate consequences of AI. Grist.

Small, Z. (2023, July 5). Black Artists Say A.I. Shows Bias, With Algorithms Erasing Their History. The New York Times.

Terech, K. (2023, July 2). I asked ChatGPT the same question in Russian and Ukrainian – and the results worried me. techradar.

Asare, J. (2023, June 30). 3 Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used To Advance Workplace DEI. Forbes.

Jingnan, H. (2023, June 29). AI-generated text is hard to spot. It could play a big role in the 2024 campaign. NPR.

Hoover, S. & Spengler, S. (2023, May 30). For Some Autistic People, ChatGPT Is a Lifeline
The chatbot can help rehearse communication skills and for some provides a resource to turn to when life is tough. Wired.

Stadler, C. & Reeves, M. (2023, May 30). Three Lessons From Chatting About Strategy With ChatGPT
When generative AI’s capacity for strategy creation is put to the test, it reveals where its strengths lie — and where humans still have the edge. MIT Sloan Management Review.

Gregersen, H. & Bianzino, N.M. (2023, May 26.). AI Can Help You Ask Better Questions — and Solve Bigger Problems. Harvard Business Review.

Steve Inskeep, S. & Shanker, T. (2023, May 17). 'Age of Danger' explores potential risks because AI doesn't understand rules of war. NPR.

Hill, S. (2023, May 7). Using AI to Build Personalized Assistive Hearing Devices. Wired.

Ingram, D. (2023, May 6). ChatGPT is powered by these contractors making $15 an hour. NBC News.

Margaret Osborne, M. (2023, May 4). Researchers Use A.I. to Decode Words From Brain Scans. Smithsonian Magazine.

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Kopp, W. & Thomsen, B. (2023, May 1). How AI can accelerate students’ holistic development and make teaching more fulfilling.  World Economic Forum.

Perrifogo, B. (2023, May 1). 150 African Workers for ChatGPT, TikTok and Facebook Vote to Unionize at Landmark Nairobi Meeting. Time.

(2023, April 26). ChatGPT raises questions about how humans acquire language. The Economist.

Ashby, M. (2023, April 25).The Andy Warhol Copyright Case That Could Transform Generative AI. Wired.

Zakrzewski, C. (2023, April 25).  "Federal Regulators Call AI Discrimination a ‘new Civil Rights Frontier’." The Washington Post.

Deck, A. (2023, April 19). AI translation is jeopardizing Afghan asylum claims: Cost-cutting translations are introducing errors and putting refugees at risk. Rest of World.

Ohlheiser, A. (2023, April 16). How AI tools like ChatGPT can combat ADHD paralysis. Mashable.

Donovan, M. (2023, April 11). How AI is helping historians better understand our past. MIT Technology Review.

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Copyright Registration Guidance for Works Containing AI-Generated Material, 88 Fed. Reg. 16,190 (Mar. 16, 2023).