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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Staying current with AI news

There is an increasing number of articles and commentaries addressing the impact of artificial intelligence on education, business, arts, and most aspects of day-to-day life. We will continue to add select articles to this page but recommend the below resources and tools to help you stay current on research and articles in this area.

We suggest creating a search alert in one or more databases. Search alerts save research time, and can be set up to provide e-mail notifications whenever new search results become available within that database.

Ebsco databases - Instructions for creating a search alert  

Proquest databases. - Instructions for creating a search alert

Gale databases - Instructions for creating a search alert 

U.S. Major Dailies from Gale provide full-text access to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The L.A. Times, The Washington Post, and Chicago Tribune

Pubmed from the NIH - Instructions for creating a search alert

More resources:

Visit the NYT Special section on AI (NYT Digital account required)

Visit the MIT Technology Review section on AI

The Latest

Ercolano, L. (2023, May 31). This CHATGPT-Inspired large language model speaks fluent finance. John Hopkins University Hub.

Hoover, S. & Spengler, S. (2023, May 30). For Some Autistic People, ChatGPT Is a Lifeline
The chatbot can help rehearse communication skills and for some provides a resource to turn to when life is tough. Wired.

Abels, G. (2023, May 30). Can ChatGPT fact-check? PolitiFact tested. Politifact.

Vincent, J. (2023, May 30). OpenAI isn’t doing enough to make ChatGPT’s limitations clear. The Verge.

Stadler, C. & Reeves, M. (2023, May 30). Three Lessons From Chatting About Strategy With ChatGPT
When generative AI’s capacity for strategy creation is put to the test, it reveals where its strengths lie — and where humans still have the edge. MITSloan Management Review.

Rogers, A. (2023, May 30). ChatGPT's secret reading list: Turns out the bot is a giant sci-fi nerd. Business Insider.

Goode, L. (2023, May 26). Where memory ends and generative AI begins. Wired.

Bartholomew, J. & Mehta, D. (2023, May 26). How the media is covering ChatGPT: 
The Tow Center looked at how news organizations have been covering generative AI over the past six months. Columbia Journalism Review.

Wong, M. (2023, May 26). AI Is Unlocking the Human Brain’s Secrets: Language models similar to ChatGPT have started to transform neuroscience. The Atlantic.

Gregersen, H. & Bianzino, N.M. (2023, May 26.). AI Can Help You Ask Better Questions — and Solve Bigger Problems. Harvard Business Review.

Samuel, A. (2023, May 25). We Got Social Media Wrong. Can We Get AI Right? JSTOR Daily.

Tang, J. (Accessed, 2023, May 25). Why ChatGPT Hasn't Replaced My Copywriting StaffThere is a place for AI help, but it's not with the actual writing. INC.

Buholayka M, Zouabi R, Tadinada A (May 23, 2023) The Readiness of ChatGPT to Write Scientific Case Reports Independently: A Comparative Evaluation Between Human and Artificial Intelligence. Cureus 15(5): e39386. doi:10.7759/cureus.39386

Steve Inskeep, S. & Shanker, T. (2023, May 17). 'Age of Danger' explores potential risks because AI doesn't understand rules of war. NPR.

Bauchner, H. (2023, May 15). ChatGPT: Not An Author, But A Tool. Health Affairs.

Kim, T. (2023, May 14). Can today’s AI truly learn on its own? Not likely. Los Angeles Time.

023, May 12). AI, ChatGPT, and Language as Technology: Q&A with William Marcellino. RAND Review.

Lohrmann, D. (2023, May 11). Generative AI: Rewards, Risks and New EU Legislation. Government Technology.

Bastian, R. (2023, May 8). AI Brings Opportunities And Risks To Workplace DEI Efforts. Forbes.

Hammond, S. (2023, May 8). We Need a Manhattan Project for AI Safety: AI presents an enormous threat. It deserves an enormous response. Politico.

Cantor, M. (2023, May 8).  Nearly 50 news websites are ‘AI-generated’, a study says. Would I be able to tell? The Guardian.

Hill, S. (2023, May 7). Using AI to Build Personalized Assistive Hearing Devices. Wired.

Ingram, D. (2023, May 6). ChatGPT is powered by these contractors making $15 an hour. NBC News.

(2023, May 4). NSF announces 7 new National Artificial Intelligence Research Institutes, NSF News.

Margaret Osborne, M. (2023, May 4). Researchers Use A.I. to Decode Words From Brain Scans. Smithsonian Magazine.

Gao, C.A., Howard, F.M., Markov, N.S. et al. (Accessed 2023, May 2).Comparing scientific abstracts generated by ChatGPT to real abstracts with detectors and blinded human reviewers. npj Digit. Med. 6, 75 (2023).

Kopp, W. & Thomsen, B. (2023, May 1). How AI can accelerate students’ holistic development and make teaching more fulfilling.  World Economic Forum.

Perrifogo, B. (2023, May 1). 150 African Workers for ChatGPT, TikTok and Facebook Vote to Unionize at Landmark Nairobi Meeting. Time.

Devlin, H. (2023, May 1). AI makes non-invasive mind-reading possible by turning thoughts into text. The Guardian.

Diaz, M. (2023, May 1). AI might enable us to talk to animals soon. Here's how. ZDNet.

Lee, V. (2023, May 1). Generative AI is forcing people to rethink what it means to be authentic. The Conversation.

Orf, D. (2023, May 1). College Students Came Up With a Way to Make ChatGPT Not Evil. Popular Mechanics.

Nield, D. (2023, April 30). How ChatGPT and Other LLMs Work—and Where They Could Go Next. Wired.

Heikkilä, M. (2023, April 28). A chatbot that asks questions could help you spot when it makes no sense. MIT Technology Review.

Ono, M. (2023, April 28). ChatGPT Beats Doctors in Compassion and Quality of Advice to Patients. Neuroscience News.

Bhatia, A. (2023, April 27). How Can an A.I. Learn to Write? Choose a Famous Author, and We’ll Show You.
An interactive explanation of how language models learn to mimic language, from Shakespeare to Star Trek. The New York Times.  (NYT Account required)

(2023, April 26). ChatGPT raises questions about how humans acquire language. The Economist.

Galido P, Butala S, Chakerian M, et al. (April 26, 2023) A Case Study Demonstrating Applications of ChatGPT in the Clinical Management of Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia . Cureus 15(4): e38166. doi:10.7759/cureus.38166

Schroeder, R. (2023, April 26). Generative AI is only as good as the prompt you give it. Inside Higher Ed.

Ashby, M. (2023, April 25).The Andy Warhol Copyright Case That Could Transform Generative AI. Wired.

Feiner, L. (2023, April 25). U.S. regulators warn they already have the power to go after A.I. bias — and they're ready to use it. CNBC.

Zakrzewski, C. (2023, April 25).  "Federal Regulators Call AI Discrimination a ‘new Civil Rights Frontier’." The Washington Post.

Leswig, K. (2023, April 25). Nvidia has a new way to prevent A.I. chatbots from 'hallucinating' wrong facts. CNBC.

Haisler, D. (2023, April 24). 50 ChatGPT Prompts for State and Local Government. Government Technology.

(2023, April 24). Writer, Adviser, Poet, Bot: How ChatGPT Could Transform Politics. VOA.

O'Brien, M. (2023, April 24). OpenAI CTO Mira Murati on shepherding ChatGPT. Associated Press.

Krishan, N. (2023, April 24). Congress gets 40 ChatGPT Plus licenses to start experimenting with generative AI. FedScoop.

Zaretysky, S. (2023, April 24). T14 Law School Is One Of First To Set Guidelines For Student Use Of ChatGPT.

Goudsward, A. (2023, April 24). YouTube case at Supreme Court could shape protections for ChatGPT and AI. Reuters.

Pawson, C. (2023, April 22). 'Alarming and amazing all at once': TED Talks tackles AI with wonder and warnings in Vancouver. CBC.

Mims, Christopher. (2023, April 22). "The Secret History of AI, and a Hint at what's Next; Artificial Intelligence is Already a Big Part of our Daily Lives. 'we are at an Inflection Point.'." Wall Street Journal (Online).

Zarefsky, M. (2023, April 21). ChatGPT shouldn’t be listed as JAMA author—and ChatGPT agrees. 
APR 21, 2023. AMA News.

Pollicino, O. & Gregoroi, G. (2023, April 20). ChatGPT: lessons learned from Italy’s temporary ban of the AI chatbot. The Conversation.

Daley, J. (2023, April 20). ChatGPT makes materials research much more efficient. WNews.

Hollingshead, T. (2023, April 20).ChatGPT is still no match for humans when it comes to accounting.

Stanley, J. (2023, April 19). Will ChatGPT Revolutionize Surveillance? ACLU.

Smullen, D. (2023, April 19). How To Use ChatGPT For Keyword Research. Search Engine Journal. 

Smullen, D. (2023, April 19). How To Use ChatGPT For Keyword Research. Search Engine Journal.

Ryder, B. (2023, April 19). How businesses are experimenting with ChatGPT-like services. The Economist.

Kaiser, Z. (2023, April 19). AI is remaking the world on its terms, and that’s a problem. Fast Company.

Smalley, E. (2023, April 19). Generative AI: 5 essential reads about the new era of creativity, job anxiety, misinformation, bias and plagiarism. The Conversation. ​

Deck, A. (2023, April 19). AI translation is jeopardizing Afghan asylum claims: Cost-cutting translations are introducing errors and putting refugees at risk. Rest of World.

Heikkilä, M. (2023, April 19). OpenAI’s hunger for data is coming back to bite it. MIT Technology Review. 

O'Bryrne, W. (2023, April 18). Can AI improve education? Here are 4 potential use cases. World Economic Forum.

McCormack, M. (2023, April 17).EDUCAUSE QuickPoll Results: Adopting and Adapting to Generative AI in Higher Ed Tech. EDUCAUSE Review.

Elias, J. (2023, April 17). Google CEO Sundar Pichai warns society to brace for impact of A.I. acceleration, says ‘it’s not for a company to decide. CNBC.

Lisbona, N. (Accessed 2023, April 17). How artificial intelligence is matching drugs to patients. BBC News.

Ohlheiser, A. (2023, April 16). How AI tools like ChatGPT can combat ADHD paralysis. Mashable.

Verma, Pranshu, and Will Oremus. "ChatGPT Invented a Harassment Scandal but Named a Real Professor in it." The Washington Post, Apr 16, 2023. ProQuest,

Paris, F. & Buchanan, L. (2023, April 14). 35 Ways Real People Are Using A.I. Right Now. The New York Times.

Andrew Solender, A. & Gold, A. (2023, April 13). Schumer lays groundwork for Congress to regulate AI. Axios.

Yang, H. (2023, April 12). How I use ChatGPT responsibly in my teaching Large language models are here to stay. Nature.

Donovan, M. (2023, April 11). How AI is helping historians better understand our past. MIT Technology Review.

Gewirtz, D. (2023, April 10). How to write better ChatGPT prompts (and this applies to most other text-based AIs, too). ZDNet.

Gerken, T. (2023, April 6). ChatGPT: Mayor starts legal bid over false bribery claim. BBC News.

Maloney, J. (2023, April 3). The 4 Stages of AI. Inside Higher Education.

Shyam Sundar, S., Schmit, C., and Villasenor, J. (2023, April 3). Regulating AI: 3 experts explain why it's difficult to do and important to get right. The Conversation.

Lee, T. (2023, April 3). Stable Diffusion copyright lawsuits could be a legal earthquake for AI. Arc Technica.

Surovell, E. (2023, April 3). A Plagiarism Detector Will Try to Catch Students Who Cheat With ChatGPT. The Chronicle of Higher Education.    (CHE Account required for access)

Knox, L. (2023, April 3). Can Turnitin Cure Higher Ed’s AI Fever? Inside Higher Education.

(2023, April 2). English Language Pushes Everyone, Even AI Chatbots, to Improve by Adding. Neuroscience News.

Chun, C. (2023, April 2). Why some college professors are adopting ChatGPT AI as quickly as students. CNBC.

Lu. D. (2023, April 1).  Misinformation, mistakes and the Pope in a puffer: what rapidly evolving AI can – and can’t – do. The Guardian.

(2023, March). Artificial intelligence (AI) and fake papers. Committee on Publication Ethics.

Vincent, J. (2023. March 31).  Italian regulators order ChatGPT ban over alleged violation of data privacy laws. The Verge.

(2023, March 30). AI Tools for Journalists. Society of Professional Journalists.

McMurtie, M. (2023, March 30). What You Can Learn From Students About ChatGPT. The Chronicle of Higher Education Teaching Newsletter.  

Rovella D. (Accessed 2023, March 29). How AI and Robots Are Accelerating Inclusion for Disabled People.

O’Connor, S. (Accessed 2023, March 22). Corrigendum to “Open artificial intelligence platforms in nursing education: Tools for academic progress or abuse? Nurse Education in Practice.

Baguley, R. (2023, March 20). 21 AI tools for content, image, sound, and video creation. Fast Company.

(2023, March 16). GPT-4 Technical Report. OpenAI.

Copyright Registration Guidance for Works Containing AI-Generated Material, 88 Fed. Reg. 16,190 (Mar. 16, 2023).


AI created images in the news

(2023, April 2). Artist tests limits of 'human authorship' of AI art as battle continues over who holds copyright. Australian Broadcasting Company.

(2023, April 1). With AI, artists reckon with the muddy questions of authorship. NPR.

(2023, March 16). Copyright Registration Guidance: Works Containing Material Generated by Artificial Intelligence. Federal Register.

(2023, March 8). Copyright Office Issues Opinion Letter on Copyright in AI-Generated Images. Authors Alliance.

David Wadhwani, D. (2023, March 21). Bringing Generative AI into Creative Cloud with Adobe Firefly. Adobe Blog.

Thorpe, V. (2023, March 18). ‘ChatGPT said I did not exist’: how artists and writers are fighting back against AI. The Guardian.

Chayka, K. (2023, February 10) Is A.I. Art Stealing from Artists? The New Yorker.

Casillas, S. (2022, December 5). Amplifying human creativity: Adobe Stock defines new guidelines for content made. Adobe Blog.

Chikhi, A. (2023, January 22). The Future of Law and AI. Medium.

Epstein, Z., Levine S. Rand, D.G., Rahwan, I. (2020, September 25). Who Gets Credit for AI-Generated Art? iScience.

James, V. (2023, January 17).Getty Images is suing the creators of AI art tool Stable Diffusion for scraping its content. The Verge.

Martin, A. (2023, January 25). Lawsuits over Stability AI's Stable Diffusion could threaten the future of AI-generated art.

Robertson, A. (2022, February 21). The US Copyright Office says an AI can’t copyright its art. The Verge.

Vincent, J. (2022, September 21). Getty Images bans AI-generated content over fears of legal challenges. The Verge.