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Criminal Justice

Subject Research Guide


This Research Guide is designed to aid students in using the Iona University Libraries' resources to complete project and assignments in Criminal Justice.

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The following are examples of online reference books in criminal justice. Click each title to search each encyclopedia directly.

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Where are the Criminal Justice Books Located?

Most criminal justice books have Dewey Decimal call numbers between 363 and 365. In Ryan Library, these books are primarily shelved on the third floor, West wing. However, some books are shelved in special collections, such as the Irish Collection. The library catalog will indicate when a book is not shelved in the main collection, and many books will have a letter before the call number. To see all of Iona's library locations, consult the complete list of library locations and collections.

List of Criminal Justice Dewey Call Number Ranges:

  • 345 Criminal law
  • 363.2 Police services
  • 363.32 Social conflicts; riots
  • 363.325 Terrorism
  • 363.33 Gun control
  • 364 Criminal justice
  • 365 Penal and related institutions


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