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A guide to basic library research in Philosophy.


Welcome to the research guide for Philosophy! 

This guide will support your research in Philosophy and related fields of study.

View the department's website and find information about course offerings, program faculty, curriculum requirements, etc.

The library's online catalog searches for items available in Iona University Libraries and member libraries worldwide.

If you find an item in our catalog that is unavailable at Iona, you may request to borrow it from another library through Interlibrary Loan




The 100's are found in Ryan Library, 3rd Floor, South Wing. Call numbers beginning with "R" are reference books on the first floor, and call numbers beginning with "Q" are oversized books that are on the Third Floor, West Wing

 Collection Locations in Ryan Library

Books on Philosophy are found in Dewey Decimal Number sections: 

100 Philosophy & psychology
101 Theory of philosophy
110 Metaphysics
115 Time
121 Epistemology
122 Causation
123 Determinism & indeterminism
124 Teleology
126 The self
128 Humankind
141 Idealism & related systems
142 Critical philosophy
144 Humanism & related systems
160 Logic
170 Ethics
171 Ethical systems
172 Political ethics
180 Ancient, medieval & eastern philosophy
181 Eastern philosophy
182 Pre-Socratic Greek philosophies
183 Socratic & related philosophies
184 Platonic philosophy
185 Aristotelian philosophy
186 Skeptic & Neoplatonic philosophies
187 Epicurean philosophy
188 Stoic philosophy
189 Medieval western philosophy
190 Modern western philosophy

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