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New Student Library Orientation

Welcome to Iona University Libraries

Welcome to Iona University Libraries

Welcome to Iona University Libraries!

The Iona University Libraries consists of two libraries, Ryan Library and the Helen T. Arrigoni Library/ Technology Center.  Ryan Library is the larger of the two libraries, with a diverse collection across the library’s three floors. Each floor in Ryan supports different study needs. The main floor supports social learning, with group study rooms, learning commons, the Research Desk, and the Information Technology Help Desk.  The second floor accommodates group study with large tables, and silent study throughout the computer labs and book stacks. The third floor offers a quieter individual study space with carrels tucked into the book stacks for a focused experience. 

Arrigoni Library houses a smaller collection of books – with books on Computer Science, Education, and Media and Strategic Communications – but provides quiet individual study space. Arrigoni also has a curriculum collection, with textbooks and children's books for Education majors. Computer space and a group study room is available in Arrigoni and Help Desk staff are there to help with any technical questions. 

Highlighted is a sample of library resources and services available to you as an Iona student. Get to know the Iona University Libraries and we look forward to working with you and seeing you in the library!