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Biology: Scientific Ethics

The Chemical Professional's Code of Conduct (ACS)

Yes, you are right. This is a BIOLOGY guide, but there is no equivalent. Everything committed to below could just as well be adopted by a Biology council. It is still relevant to the field even if it is a chemist's creed.

"The Chemical Professional's Code of Conduct" can be found by searching for it on Google or Bing.

Conduct of Scientists

"On Being A Scientist" (video format) from the National Academies can be found at

Other Ethics Resources

The Online Ethics Center for Engineering and Science is a professional and very complete site designed for students in the sciences and engineering. The Center supports a "Help Desk" for students needing advice on ethical problems as well as areas with ethics resource materials, cases, codes, diversity and gender issues, problems in the corporate world, etc. There is also an extensive bibliography and a helpful glossary of ethics terms. It is supported by Case Western Reserve University.