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Print copies are available at the Ryan Help Desk, the Ryan Research Desk, the Arrigoni Help Desk, and on the reference shelves.

Online access to the APA Style guide is available from the link below:

APA stands for the American Psychological Association and is the format for many disciplines in the social sciences.

Always check with your professor to know the preferred format.


It is essential in your academic writing to know how to use sources and how to cite them.

The APA manual provides guidelines and examples. It is available in the Iona Libraries at the Ryan Help & Research Desks, the Arrigoni Help Desk, the reference shelves R 150.03 A 51-7, and online at the APA website.

  • Use periods after the elements author, date, title, and source. 
  • If more than one author use an ampersand - & 
  • List authors' names and initials for up to 20 individuals
  • If there are 21 or more authors, use the first 19 names, then ellipses, and then the final name


  • Do not use a period after an URL or a DOI 
  • Format the DOI - 
  • Hyperlink all URLs and DOIs (this means you do not need to write Accessed or Retrieved from) 


  • Use the title References on the top and center of the References page. The title should be bolded 
  • Add a Double spaced / hanging indent for each source 
  • Spell out the full name of the organization in the reference list but it can be abbreviated in the text. Example: National Council of Teachers of English in References, NCTE in the text.  


FAQs - Citing APA