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Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association : the official guide to APA style

The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition, the official source for APA Style, was published in the Fall of 2019. Citing online material has become more common, inclusive and bias-free language is increasingly important, and the technology used by researchers and students has changed; these changes are addressed in the 7th edition. 

APA 7 General Rules

  • Use periods after the elements: author, date, title, and source 

  • If more than one author use & 

  • Provide authors' names and initials for up to 20 individuals. 

  • If there are 21 or more, use the first 19 names, then ellipses, and then the last name. 


  • Do not use a period after an URL or a DOI 

  • Format the DOI - 

  • Hyperlink all URLs and DOIs (this means you do not need to write Accessed or Retrieved from) 


  • Titled as References on top/center of the page and bolded 

  • Double spaced / hanging indent for each source 

  • Spell out the full name of the organization in the reference list but can be abbreviated in text 

  • National Council of Teachers of English – NCTE 

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a way to cite, collect, manage, and organize your research papers and collaborate with others. ​It is Iona University Library's preferred citation management tool.

  • It helps you create MLA, APA, Chicago, etc., reference lists.
  • It allows you to import citations directly and indirectly from Library databases and research websites, such as EBSCO, ProQuest, and WorldCat.
  • It enables you to share citations and lists.

For important detailed information and videos on using RefWorks, please visit the RefWorks guide.​


Which APA Version to Select in RefWorks

There are many APA-style citation versions to choose from in RefWorks.

We recommend using APA 7th - Sentence Casing, DOI: unless your instructor directs you to do otherwise.