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This Research Guide is to aid you in finding library resources to help you with your Psychology projects and assignments.
For information on Psychology courses, curriculum requirements, and faculty, please see the Psychology Department's homepage.

Background Information

To begin your research, first find background information on your topic. A good place to start is Gale eBooks, an online collection of reference works on a variety of topics.

Or, you may try searching a psychology reference work directly. Below are several examples:

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Find Your Course Reserves
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Recommended Websites

Where are the Psychology Books Located?

Most psychology books are begin with call numbers between 150 and 159 or beginning 616.8. For the most part, Iona's psychology books are located on the third floor of Ryan Library. The exception are school psychology books, which are located in Arrigoni Library and begin with the call number 370.15. Additionally, some books are located in the library's special collections and locations within the library, such as the reference room. Please see this complete list of locations and collections for more information.

Dewey Decimal Call Numbers for Psychology

  • 150-150.9 General psychology
  • 152-152.9 Sensory perception, movement, emotions, physiological drives
  • 153-153.9 Conscious mental processes, intelligence
  • 154-154.9 Subconscious and altered states and processes
  • 155-155.9 Differential and developmental psychology
  • 156-156.9 Comparative psychology
  • 158-158.9 Applied psychology
  • 370.15 Educational psychology
  • 616.8 Diseases of the nervous system, Mental disorders
  • 616.83 Organic diseases of the nervous system (e.g. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's)
  • 616.852 Neuroses
  • 616.858 Personality, Sexual, Gender Identity, Impulse-Control, Developmental and Learning Disorders
  • 616.86 Substance abuse
  • 616.89 Mental disorders
  • 616.8914 Psychotherapy
  • 618.928 Mental disorders in children