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Faculty Guide to Credo Information Literacy – Core

Three ways to use Information Literacy–Core

Credo Information Literacy Core gives you the option to start incorporating information literacy instruction in your class and assignments. If your class already focuses on information literacy, Information Literacy Core can complement your curriculum through its more than 100 videos, tutorials, and assessments.;

Ways you can utilize Credo Information Literacy Core in your course:

1. Before Library instruction
Do your librarians have limited time with students to teach them research and information literacy skills?

  • It can be hard to balance teaching students the conceptual knowledge they need and the basic mechanics of research for their assignments in one sitting. Students can go through multimedia on their own time (before or after class) to get basic concepts of information literacy. Librarians can focus their time with students on hands-on and advanced searching, and reinforcing information literacy concepts.

2. Scaffold throughout your Course

  • Students can go through multimedia on their own time to learn basic concepts and practice research skills. Reinforce IL concepts through research assignments, annotated bibliographies, research papers, etc. Relevant multimedia can be shared with students at each step of a major research project.

3. As a Remedial Tool

Do some of your students need a refresher or additional help with how to do research (transfer students, non-traditional students, at risk students)?

  • Use multimedia as a remedial tool to for students who need to review basic information literacy skills. By making online materials available, students can get the help they need at any point regardless of course format. .

For more ideas on how to implement these suggestions, please visit Credo's site for Instructional Aids.