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Iona WorldCat

Use this Quick Search box to discover books, videos, articles, e-resources and more, available to the Iona community through the Iona College Libraries

E-Books Only

If you would like to find e-books only, here are some options:

Google Books Search

Via its partnerships with several of the world's largest libraries, Google created a digital library that allows for keyword search and retrieval of millions of titles. 

Iona Library Catalog Search Tips

Here are the most common types of searches that you can do in the Library's online catalog:

  • Keyword search allows you to enter search terms, search for a phrase, or truncate (search for all variations of a word).

To search for a phrase, enclose your phrase with quotation marks. Example: "writing across the curriculum"  

To truncate a word, insert a ? after the root of the word.  Example:  math?  will return results including the words math, mathematics, mathematical, etc. 

  • Keyword Advanced search allows you to create a Boolean search using AND, OR, NOT to connect search terms.  Here are some examples:

Enter reading and writing ---- you will get items that must contain the words reading and writing in the records (entries) for those items

Enter reading or writing ------ you will get items that will contain either reading or writing or both words in the records for those items

Enter reading not writing ----- you will get items that will contain reading but not writing in the records for those items

  • Title search tip:  Omit the initial A, An, The at the beginning of the title.

For the title An Assessment of Hands-on Elementary Science Programs, enter just Assessment of Hands-on Elementary Science Programs

  • Author search tip:  Enter last name, first name

Example:  Montessori, Maria 

  • Subject search will give you a list of subject headings and number of books per heading.

Example:  Learning disabilities.