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The Iona College Honors Program is highly selective and attracts the most able and motivated students, challenging them to deepen their intellectual engagement, to hone their skills further, and to broaden their perspectives. The course of study is designed to develop intellectual curiosity, analytic abilities and awareness of ethical and civic responsibilities. The program promotes an appreciation and understanding of the interrelatedness of knowledge and culture by providing a wide range of interdisciplinary courses All Honors students are required to complete a thesis in their senior year.

The Honors Humanities Seminar is an integral part of freshman and sophomore years. It introduces students to the central concepts of philosophy, history, literature, and religious studies in an interdisciplinary fashion. Its emphasis on primary texts encourages open discussion, fosters the development of essential thinking skills, and creates an appreciation of the great ideas that have shaped civilization. Writing, speaking, and critical thinking are well-defined objectives of the Humanities Seminar.

The Digital Library of the Iona College Honors Program is designed to facilitate access to the key texts in these courses.