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This guide is meant to supplement our current accessibility auditing tools for LibGuides, empowering librarians to understand WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards and how those standards interact with the LibGuide software. Ideally this guide serves as both a bibliographic and functional tool, listing all relevant standards in one document, allowing librarians to understand WCAG 2.1 AA considerations before running their LibGuide through Monsido. It is a working document.

This guide includes:

  • Rubric for creating accessible LibGuides, with separate benchmarks for AAA, AA, and A levels of accessibility.

  • Accessibility standards from the most recent Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and an explanation of those guidelines.

  • Resources from SpringShare outlining SpringShare’s efforts to meet WCAG standards and tips for creating accessible LibGuides.

  • Auditing tools to check your content before using Monsido.

  • Future accessibility considerations for LibGuides.

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