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PeopleSoft: Overview


PeopleSoft allows you to:

  • View and/or change your personal and contact information
  • View and search for courses in the Course Catalog
  • Students Only: View your Financial information, such as payment profile, financial aid, awards, make a payment, create an authorized payer
  • Students Only: Check any outstanding holds, such as Dean’s hold, financial hold, and/or health hold
  • Students Only: View advisor information
  • Students Only: View Academic information, such as current enrollment information, add/drop a class, grades and degree progress, search for classes
  • Faculty Only: View Faculty Center- Class Roster, Attendance Roster, Grade Roster, and information about courses you are teaching
  • Advisors Only: View Advisor Center- Advisee Transcripts, Remove advisement holds, and other student transcript information

Accessing PeopleSoft

Peoplesoft is accessible via the MyIona Single Sign On System (SSO). To access Peoplesoft*:

  1. Open your web browser.  
  2. From the Iona College homepage, go to Quick Links and select Online Services. You will see the MyIona SSO login page.
  3. Enter your Computer ID and Computer Password and click on the Login button. You will now see the MyIona SSO Landing Page.
  4. Click on the Peoplesoft icon to access the application.  No need to login again.

*If you are an accepted student, click on the Accepted Students Login link to sign into Peoplesoft.

Please logout by clicking on the Sign Out button  on the upper right corner of the main SSO page

Forgotten Password Help*

You can manage your Computer Password through the Netpass system. As long as you have set up your "forgotten password help" questions, you can change your password by clicking on the Forgot Your Password link on the Single Sign On System login page.

*If you have not set up your help questions for Netpass, contact the HELP DESK to reset your password (914) 633-2635.

Course Catalog/Search for Classes

To Browse Course Catalog:

  1. Choose Self Service from the PeopleSoft Main Screen.
  2. Choose Browse Course Catalog. All courses offered are listed alphabetically (subject code).
  3. Click on the Course Title to view Course Detail.

To Search for Classes:

  1. Choose Self Service from the PeopleSoft Main Screen.
  2. Choose Class Search
  3. Fill in the necessary fields and then choose Search to find those classes that meet your criteria. You must select at least 2 search criteria.
  4. Choose View All Sections to show all sections that fit your criteria. 
    Note:  Indicates the section is still open to students for registration.  
    Indicates the section is closed (full). 
  5. Click the section to see more details on the course, such as the class capacity, total enrollment, number of available seats and the description of the course
  6.  Choose View Search Results when done to go back to the Search Results screen
  7. Choose Start a New Search to look for other classes or close out of your browser when done.