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Maps & Atlases: Where does the library keep maps and atlases?

Special Research Guide


These loose-leaf binders containing up-to-date maps, historical maps, and blank outline maps can be found at the Ryan Library Reference Desk on the main floor of Ryan Library.


Atlases are located in several locations in Ryan Library. If necessary, please consult the Ryan Library floor plans when looking for the following:

  • Oversized Atlases: Both historical and modern, can be found on the first floor of Ryan Library near the Castle Cafe. Walk past the Starbucks and the Leisure Reading collection and they will be at the end of the first stack on your right.

  • Smaller Atlases are shelved with the Reference Collection in the Reference Room near the photocopiers that are on the opposite side of the room from the Reference Desk. They can be found under the call numbers 911 and 912.

  • Other Atlases are available in the regular Circulating Collection and can be checked out and taken home. Some of these can be found under 911 and 912 on the second floor and in the circulating oversized area under the call numbers Q911, Q912, QQ911, and QQ912. Other atlases can be found under different subject areas. Try searching the library catalog and combining your topic word with the word atlas in the title or the word maps in the subject.


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