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iTunes U in Blackboard: Faculty

iTunes U

iTunes U must be accessed via Blackboard ONLY. When sharing resources in iTunes U, via Blackboard, the content will not be available through the public iTunes portal, which students and teachers generally use for discovery and purchase of retail content. By sharing content within the Blackboard shell, the university and its employees avoid concerns of copyright when sharing audio/visual resources in this manner.

If you wish to make iTunes U content public, please review the Policies and Procedures »

Enable iTunes U in a Blackboard Course

  • In your Blackboard course, go to the Control Panel (navigation panel which appears on the lower left of the page) → Course Tools → iTunes U
  • The Content Area will populate with the 'iTunes U Control Panel' page
  • Select your course title
  • Click the button which reads 'Enable'
  • WAIT until the Content Area populates with a message indicating this change was made. This might take a full minute to process.

Populate iTunes U content into course pages:

  • Once iTunesU is enabled, choose a location for students to access iTunesU content for your course
    This is where you and your students will access iTunes U. The link will open iTunes on your computer. This may take up to one minute. The first time you do this, your browser may ask you to confirm it is okay to open iTunes.
  • Open a Content Area of your choice
  • Choose 'Tools' (third dark gray button at the top of the Content Area) → select 'iTunes U Link' from the dropdown
  • The Content Area will populate with the 'Create iTunes U Link' page
  • Give the resource a name - you may additionally add instructions for use and availablity dates, but these items are optional- and click 'Submit'
  • WAIT until the Content Area populates with a message indicating the link was created.
  • Return to the page in which you created this link by selcting it from the navigation menu.
  • Find the link you created, which will appear with this icon → click on it to open iTunes
  • In iTunes, select 'Upload and Manage Files' from the menu on the upper right (Note: students don't see this menu when they open iTunes U)
  • A window (or tab) will automatically open in your web browser. This window should be titled 'Upload and Manage Files'. It should be populated with your name and the name of your course - If the wrong course name appears in this window, retrace your steps and try this process again starting from the correct course
  • Click on plus 'Add new file' → then 'Choose File' when the button appears
  • Select a file from your computer → WAIT for the item to fully load. This might take a several minutes based on the size of the file.
    Video files must be in mov, mp4, or m4v file format. Audio files must be in mp3 or mp4 format. You can also post pdf files.
  • Once the item is loaded, you must select it by checking the box which appears to the left of the item title → click 'Done'
  • Students can now access this content via the iTunes U item link in your Blackboard course

Note: iTunes U only accepts files for upload that are less than 1 gigabyte (GB). Audio files must be either AAC or MP3 with appropriate file extensions (.m4a, .mp3). Video files must be MPEG-4 with H.264 compression with appropriate file extensions (.mp4, .m4v, .mov).

Re-using existing iTunes U content in a new Blackboard course:

  1. Open the new Blackboard course in which you wish to use existing ITunes U materials.
  2. Under the course Control Panel, expand the Course Tools section, and select ITunes U.
  3. To use the content from an earlier course, select that course from box labeled "Use ITunes Content of" box.
    NOTE: You must also be enrolled as an instructor of the course which contains the original ITunes material in order to access and re-use the content.
  4. After selecting the desired course, click Enable.

Then create the ITunes U Content Link as usual.

  1. With Edit Mode ON, click the desired Content Area where the link should reside.
  2. At the top of the screen, click "Tools".
  3. Select "ITunes U Link" from the dropdown list.
  4. Your items should show up in the iTunes U course when you open this link.


FAQ's and tutorials are also available on the Apple's iTunes U support site »

If you have any questions about best practices and policies regarding copyright, please consult Apple's iTunes U Copyright Overiew »