Blackboard Collaborate - Web Conferencing: Overview



  • Web tour – Allows the moderator to push out and browse particular websites while participants follow along.
  • File Transfer – Upload files and easily push the files to participants during the session
  • Multimedia – Upload video, audio or flash files and push live during the session
  • Quizzes – Create quizzes to push out to participants during the session. Results are graded immediately and can be saved.
  • Moderated Chat – Participants can chat privately with each other but moderators can view if desired
  • Activity Indicators – In the participant window, you can see whether someone is typing, talking, annotating, etc.
  • Advanced Polling – Participants can respond to polls such as Yes/No or A,B,C,D,E
  • Publish – A separate application that allows moderators to convert archives into various formats for distribution (AVI, FLV, H.264, MOV, MP4, WMV, MP3, M4A, WAV)