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Iona WorldCat : Getting Started

What is Iona WorldCat?

Iona College Libraries are pleased to introduce a new discovery tool for locating books, articles, DVDs and more! This search interface is an easy-to-use and comprehensive system.  We've teamed up with - the world's largest library search engine - to make your research more effective, personal and, we hope, fun.

This Research Guide will help you get started and familiarize you with Iona WorldCat.  You can always contact a librarian for further help.

Iona WorldCat

Use this Quick Search box to discover books, videos, articles, e-resources and more, available to the Iona community through the Iona College Libraries

Limit Search Results to:

  1. Libraries Worldwide: Results will list, by relevance, the items owned by Iona College Libraries first, followed by items available from other libraries.
  2. Iona College Libraries: The results will list only items owned by Iona College Libraries.
  3. Thomas Paine Natl. Historical Assn. Collection: Results will list only items that are part of the archival TPNHA Collection.  For other titles related to Paine studies choose alternate limit options. 

You can limit search results by changing the options in the drop down box.

Helpful Tips

Basic Search: Start your research from the search box on the home page to look for books, articles, DVDs and more simultaneously.

  1. Icons: Look for these icons to easily identify the materials you're looking for:
  2. Search Results Order:  Iona College Libraries items will appear first.  After that, items from other lending libraries - "WorldCat Libraries" will appear.
  3. Title:  Click on the title of the book or article to access the item you want.
  4. Book/Article Results:  You may have to click on several links before you get to the item.
  5. Article Results: Please take a close look at the Articles page of this guide for important information.
  6. Advanced Search:  Customize your search by using the advanced search features for books, e-books, and DVDs. 
  7. Limiting: You can limit to any of these item types above, by going to   on the left side of the results page. Select book, article, etc. 
    to limit your results.
  8. Refine: You can further narrow down your results by going to  on the left side of the page.  Select from author, publication year,  language, content, topic and more.
  9. Mobile: You can connect to from your mobile device.