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Environmental Studies Program: Other Resources

Environmental Studies and Conservation

Sustainability Education & Economic Development  (SEED)
   Joint effort between the American Association of Community  Colleges and ecoAmerica seeks to build and further develop clean energy technology and sustainability programs at community colleges. Information about Solar, Wind, Green Building, Energy Efficiency, Sustainability Education, and more.

Climate Change


Drought Risk Atlas, from The National Drought Mitigation Center.
The national Drought Risk Atlas has six sections: Home, Map Viewer, Data (viewer page), Methodology, About, and Help. Home provides introductory information about the atlas and explains the other sections. Map Viewer allows users to view drought status from 2000 to the present. The Data section allows users to select stations by name or interactively on a map and view data for that station over time. 


Religious Studies Environmental Resources

Green Careers

Discover Environmentally-Friendly Degrees and Job Options  

With environmental issues gaining traction in the social consciousness, green careers are constantly growing in both popularity and availability. In turn, colleges and universities are offering more degrees which lead to green jobs. This guide helps prospective students understand what their sustainability education options are and what type of careers these programs lead to. It provides an in-depth look at the typical green career path, top-paying green careers, and more.

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