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Education: Social Studies and Geography

Subject Research Guide -- Education

Social Studies & Geography

African Americans – National Geographic Society  (CC 973.0496 A 258)

Contents include 1 CD-ROM, 1 binder of overhead transparencies, 2 maps, 1 teacher’s guide, and 2 video recordings; specifically:

·         Picture show: Civil rights (CD-ROM)

·         Picture pack: Civil rights (transparencies)

·         Flight to freedom: the underground railway, United States, 1860 (map)

·         Black migration (map)

·         Steal away: the Harriet Tubman story (video recording)

·         Racing for home: the Jackie Robinson story (video recording)

·         Teacher’s guide


Dear America Series:  Children can travel back to the earliest days of America through the diary pages and journals of young pioneers, courageous girls, and ordinary boys who become extraordinary heroes who tell their stories as they live through key periods in our nation’s history:


  • My America (CC FICTION M 995) – for grades 3-5
  • Dear America (CC FICTION D 285) – for girls, grades 6-9;
  • My Name is America (CC FICTION A 512) – for boys, grades 6-9
  • Teaching with Dear America Books  (CC FICTION D 285) – teacher’s guide


Facts on File Children’s Atlas  (CC 372.891 F 142)

Contains 1 hardcover and 15 soft cover atlases; one set of blackline masters. 


Native  Americans – National Geographic Society  (CC 970.004 N 27)

Contents include 1 video, 2 CD-ROMs, 1 teacher’s guide, 2 maps, 2 folders of transparencies; specifically:

·         Picture pack: Native Americans 1 - Eastern Woodlands, Plains

·         Picture show: Native Americans 1 - Eastern Woodlands, Plains

·         Picture pack: Native Americans 2 - Southwest, Northwest Coast, Arctic

·         Picture show: Native Americans 2 - Southwest, Northwest Coast, Arctic

·         Native American heritage: a visitor’s guide (map)

·         Indians of North America (map)

·         American Indians: a brief history (video)


The New York Experience  (CC 372.89 N 532)

Collection of materials designed to teach students about New York state geography and history. Contains 5 workbooks, 1 pocket guide, 1 map, 3 games, 1 CD-ROM, stickers; specifically:

·         The Big New York Reproducible Activity Book

·         My First Book About New York

·         New York Jeopardy!  Answers and Questions About Our State

·         New York "Jography" : A Fun Run Through Our State!

·         My First Pocket Guide

·         The Great State of New York

·         New York Bingo. Biography Edition

·         New York Bingo. Geography Edition

·         New York Bingo. History Edition

·         Let’s Discover New York!


Silver Burdett Ginn Social Studies – Communities Around Us  (CC 372.83 S 587)

Contains student text, teaching guide, lesson review book, activity book, teacher resource book.


The World Almanac Atlas of the World (CC 372.891 W 927)

One hardbound atlas ad 15 soft cover atlases, 1 set of blackline masters, 1 video, 1 globe, reference guide.