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Education: Science

Subject Research Guide -- Education


Cuisenaire / CVK Science Kits:

  • Air 2 (CC 372.35 A 298)

Contains equipment for air experiments. Students perform activities relating to air pollution, air expansion, pneumatic cushioning, using air pumps with various valves, hot air balloons and pneumatic rockets. Kit includes teacher/student activity cards; pieces are in large red plastic carrying case. 

  • Balances and equilibrium (CC 372.35 B 171)

Materials to construct 15 scales with miscellaneous weights and other materials designed to teach students about balances and equilibrium.  Pieces are in red plastic carrying case.  

  • Water purification (CC 372.35 W 324)

A filtration container with coarse and fine filter screens to allow experimentation with water cleaning and rate of flow concepts. Beakers and red coupling collars enable stacking of filters to test the filtration effects of gravel, sand and earth combinations. The addition of basic materials such as sand, soils or perlite is required.  Kit includes durable plastic materials for 15 pairs of students and teacher/student activity cards.  Contents are contained in a red plastic carrying case.

ETA Cuisenaire / Physical Science Module – Our Physical World I: Motion, Forces, and Energy in Our World  (CC 530.71 P 578)  Middle school curriculum module.  Contains one guide, miscellaneous pieces in 5 containers, and an inclined plane:

  • The Basics of Force and Motion
  • Machines and Work
  • What is Gravity?
  • How Heat Flows


ETA Cuisenaire / Life Science Module – Genetics: The Science of Heredity (CC 575.5 L 722)  Includes curriculum guide and assessment software.

  • The DNA Connection
  • Simulating Meiosis
  • Applying the Laws of Change to Genetics
  • Human Inheritance
  • Analyzing Chromosomes

 ETA Cuisenaire / Power of Science – The Human Body (CC 372.37 H 918)  Equipment and resources for performing in-class demonstrations and experiments illustrating the various systems of the human body.  Consists of miscellaneous items in a plastic container and teacher’s guide.

Science Investigations Toolkit Professional Development Guide (CC 372.35 C 524). An inquiry-based, hands-on science manual with blackline masters and accompanying materials for experiments.  Consists of a binder (text) and miscellaneous pieces in bag (38 different kinds of materials, including batteries, funnel, magnets, pulleys, soil samples, washers, copper wire, etc.)