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Finance, Business Economics & Legal Studies: INDUSTRY CODES (SIC and NAICS)

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What are SIC and NAICS Industry Codes?

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification.
NAICS stands for North American Industry Classification System.
These are numeric codes which represent industries.

In order to find industry ratios, you must know SIC and NAICS codes for your industry or industries of interest.

A bit of background might be helpful here. SIC codes were developed by the U.S. government.
Typically, SIC codes consist of 2-4 digits.  The more digits, the more specific the industry.

20 -- Food and Kindred Products
202 -- Dairy Products
2022 -- Natural, Processed, and Imitation Cheese

In 1997, the NAICS system was developed to replace the SIC system.  Although NAICS codes are now used more than SIC codes, both are still used. Typically, NAICS codes may be up to 6 digits long. 

31 -- Manufacturing
311 -- Food Manufacturing
3115 -- Dairy Product Manufacturing
31151 -- Dairy Product (except Frozen) Manufacturing
311513 -- Cheese (except cottage cheese) manufacturing

Finding SICs and NAICS codes Associated With a Company

Search for your company of interest using any of the databases below. Every company record will include at least one SIC and NAICS industry code.
Be sure to WRITE DOWN SIC and NAICS codes of interest. Note that multiple codes may be assigned to a company.  One is usually designated as primary SIC or NAICS code.  However, you may choose any codes of interest for your research.
EXAMPLE: Kraft Foods SIC 2022 - Cheese Natural Processed & Imitation ; NAICS 311513 -- Cheese (except cottage cheese) manufacturing.

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