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Google Scholar

You can still use Google to search for scholarly, peer reviewed resources, but limit your usage to the Google Scholar portal.

Database Search Tips

Use Operators, fields, and special characters to retrieve more accurate search results

AND: Look for documents that contain all of your words or phrases. Use ‘AND’ to narrow your search and get fewer results.
Ex: food AND nutrition

OR: Look for documents that contain any of your words or phrases. Use ‘OR’ to broaden your search and get more results.       
Ex: food OR nutrition

NOT: Look for documents that contain one of your search terms, but not the other. 
Ex: nursing NOT shortage

" "  : Phrase searching - look for phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks.
Ex: "healthy eating"

? : Wildcard character - used to replace any single character, either inside or at the right end of a word. Multiple wildcards can be used to represent multiple characters.
Ex: nurse? - Finds: nurses, nursed, but not nurse
Ex: sm?th - Finds: smith and smyth

* : Truncation(*) - retrieves variations on the search term, replacing up to 10 characters.        
Ex: nurse* - Finds: nurse, nurses, nursed
Ex: colo*r - Finds: colour, color
Ex: *old - Finds: told, household, bold

NEAR/n or N/n: Look for documents that contain two search terms, in any order, within a specified number of words apart.  Replace ‘n’ with a number. In the example, 3 means within 3 words.         
Ex: nursing NEAR/3 education
Ex: media N/3 women

PRE/n or P/n: Look for documents that contain one search term that appears within a specified number of words before a second term.
Replace ‘n’ with a number.  In the example, 4 means the first term precedes the second term by 4 or fewer words.  
Ex: nursing PRE/4 education
Ex: shares P/4 technologies

Limit your search:
 select available limiter check boxes such as Full text or Peer-reviewed to focus your search.

Note: You can enter operators in either lowercase or uppercase - OR will work the same as or.
Note: Available limiters vary by database and search method, always check the 'Help' section of the database you are using.