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Mass Communication: Find Books & Multimedia

Subject Research Guide -- Mass Communication
Subjects: Mass Communication

Iona WorldCat

Use this Quick Search box to discover books, videos, articles, e-resources and more, available to the Iona community through the Iona College Libraries

E-Books Only

If you would like to find e-books only, here are some options:

Iona Library Catalog Search Tips:

Here are the most common types of searches that you can do in the Library's online catalog:

  • Keyword search allows you to enter search terms, search for a phrase, or truncate (search for all variations of a word).

To search for a phrase, enclose your phrase with quotation marks. Example: "freedom of the press"

To truncate a word, insert a ? after the root of the word. Example:  ethic? will return results including the words ethics, ethical, ethically, etc.

  • Keyword Advanced search allows you to create a Boolean search using AND, OR, NOT to connect search terms. Here are some examples:

Enter journalism and ethics ---- you will get items that must contain the words journalism and ethics in the records (entries) for those items

Enter journalism or ethics ------ you will get items that will contain either journalism or ethics or both words in the records for those items

Enter journalism not ethics ----- you will get items that will contain journalism but not ethics in the records for those items

  • Title search tip: Omit the initial A, An, The at the beginning of the title.

For the title The American Journalist in the 21st Century: U.S. News People at the Dawn of a New Millennium, enter just American Journalist in the 21st Century (Tip:  You do not have to enter the entire title - just enough to enable the search engine to retrieve the book.)

  • Author search tip: Enter last name, first name

Example:  Barnouw, Erik 

  • Subject search will give you a list of subject headings and number of books per heading.

Example:  Journalism--Objectivity.

Google Books Search

Via its partnerships with several of the world's largest libraries, Google created a digital library that allows for keyword search and retrieval of millions of titles.