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Biology Resources and Websites


 General Biology


The Biology Project, the University of Arizona

Continuing in the self-teaching theme, you can also find educational
resources at BioEd Online, produced by the Baylor College of Medicine

Find anything and everything biology at Kimball’s biology pages, the
brainchild of John Kimball at Harvard

The UCSD’s television show website, Science Matters

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s BioInteractive, with video,
animation, virtual labs, and other tools that “teach ahead of the textbook”



Cells Alive!

The National Center for Biotechnology Information

The University of Arizona’s Biology Project’s section on cells

The US National ScienceFoundation's colorful tour of the cell



Online DNA workshop with interactives and information about
the molecules and the people involved with it, PBS

Interactive genetics activities from The Teacher’s Domain

The Human Genome Project Website

Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah
Beautiful site with a clear and visual presentation of information

Two-hour NOVA episode on genetics divided into digestible video segments.
Pick your topic

Scitable,by Nature Publishing Group
A comprehensive resource with a wealth of information, learning tools, and interactive activities on genetics,
cell biology, and ecology, and much more.

GeneEd: Genetics, Education, Discovery 
Helpful resource for the teaching and learning of genetics. Includes labs and experiments, fact sheets,
and teacher resources on topics including DNA forensics, genetic conditions, evolution, and biostatistics, articles,
video clips, and webcasts.



The best place to go for an understanding of the diversity of life on Earth
and the relatedness of species, the Tree of Life Web project

The University of Michigan's Animal Diversity Web

Endangered species

 Action Bioscience -- peer reviewed articles on issues related to environment, biodiversity, genomics,
biotechnology, evolution, and science policy

The Encyclopedia of Life, seeks to document each of the 1.8 million species
currently identified   


Plants, an online encyclopedia of plants and flowers

The Smithsonian Institution’s Index Nominum Genericorum

An online virtual library of plants and botany from the University of

Body Systems

Gray’s Anatomy

 A virtual anatomy textbook

Human Body Maps from Healthline.
Interactive anatomy program providing access to high-quality medical images. Allows learners to virtually
explore the human body by selecting a body segment from a list or detailed index of body regions/systems.

Anatomy Corner
Informative website brings together a wide range of resources designed to help students learn about anatomy.
The materials are divided into three sections: Anatomy Galleries, Anatomy Topics, and Virtual Cat Dissection.
The Anatomy Galleries area provides slides, photos, and illustrative materials related to eye dissection, sheep heart dissection,
and cat muscles. The Anatomy Topics area includes overviews of the major body systems, including the nervous, circulatory,
and endocrine systems.

Anatomical Sciences Image Library
The American Association of Anatomists (AAA) has created a collection of links to high-quality resources that cover
five topical areas, including the brain, histology, and development. Each area has at least six links, but the centerpiece
is the anatomy area, with 15 resources in total.


 Developmental Biology

 A website associated with Scott F. Gilbert’s excellent developmental
biology text, essentially a dev bio textbook online

 The Virtual Embryo offers another comprehensive at developmental
biology, including in-depth information on different animal models

The Visible Embryo

Dynamics of Development, Videos of real development
2.0, Jeff Hardin at the University of Wisconsin, Madison  has many good links



The Ecological Society of America offers up a comprehensive website of
facts, publications, and information about actual ecologists

Ecosystems present and future, brought to you by PBS and Bill Moyers in
association with the Earth on the Edge series




GeneEd: Genetics, Education, DiscoveryEdit/DeleteQuick Stats

Helpful resource for the teaching and learning of genetics. Includes labs and experiments, fact sheets, and teacher resources on topics including DNA forensics, genetic conditions, evolution, and biostatistics, articles, video clips, and webcasts.

  Open CourseWare Site

MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW) is a web-based publication of virtually all MIT course content. OCW is open and available
to the world and is a permanent MIT activity.


Biomedical Images

Open-i  An Open Access Biomedical Image Search Engine
U. S. National Library of Medicine
This open-access biomedical image search engine has good retrievals for most major biomedical topics. Open-i helps "users retrieve not only the MEDLINE citation information, but also the outcome statements in the article and the most relevant figure from it. Further, it is possible to use the figure as a query component to find other relevant images or other visually similar images."


Fogarty International Center: Bioethics Resources for Teachers and Students
From the Fogerty International Center at the National Institutes of Health, this page of resources designed for teachers of bioethics and is useful to educators of high school and college students. There are also links to several bioethics career sites, such as the one maintained by the University of Virginia's Undergraduate Bioethics Program. The page links to a number of bioethics courses, some of which may be taken freely, and others of which may require registering for an account with the National Institute of Health or other organizations.