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Subject Research Guide

Dewey Decimal Classification System Numbers for BIOLOGY

The purpose of the DDC system is to coordinate materials on the same or related subjects in order to make them easier to find on the library shelves.

All books with a 5xx call number are located on the third floor of Ryan Library. Call numbers beginning with "R" are reference books on the first floor, and call numbers beginning with "Q" are oversized books on the third floor. Locations

570 Life sciences; Biology
571 Physiology & related subjects
572 Biochemistry
573 Specific physiological systems in animals
574 [Unassigned]
575 Specific parts of & systems in plants
576 Genetics & evolution
577 Ecology
578 Natural history of organisms
579 Microorganisms, fungi & algae

580 Plants (Botany)
581 Specific topics in natural history
582 Plants noted for characteristics & flowers
583 Dicotyledons
584 Monocotyledons
585 Gymnosperms; conifers
586 Seedless plants
587 Vascular seedless plants
588 Bryophytes
589 [Unassigned] 

590 Animals (Zoology)
591 Specific topics in natural history
592 Invertebrates
593 Marine & seashore invertebrates
594 Mollusks & molluscoids
595 Arthropods
596 Chordates
597 Cold-blooded vertebrates; fishes
598 Birds
599 Mammals

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