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Accounting: Getting More Help

Subject Research Guide
Subjects: Accounting, Business

Ways to Contact a Research Librarian

During Research Desk Hours

  • Stop by the Research Desk in Ryan Library, walk-ups are always welcome during Research Desk Hours.
  • Call the Ryan Research Desk: (914) 637-7716

At any time you can Search FAQs and Contact a Librarian.

Research Assistance Program

Have you looked over the library's website? Have you visited the Research Desk in Ryan Library?

Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a librarian, via the Research Assistance Program (RAP). We'll review your topic before we meet, so we can most efficiently guide you to the best resources and advanced search techniques. 

  • Appointments can be made for the daytime or early evening, whenever Ryan Library is open
  • Appointments must be requested at least 48 hours in advance of the time you would like to meet
  • Appointment should be made at least two weeks before the due date for the assignment discussed, in case we need to get a book or article from another library
  • To schedule a session, please fill out the RAP submission form

Please remember, you can always visit the Ryan Research Desk or search FAQs and contact a Librarian. If you need assistance with writing, please visit the Rudin Center.