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Course Research Guide -- Integrated Science & Technology: Matter, Energy, Life, and Systems

Scientific and Technological Literacy 100: Matter, Energy, Life, and Systems

Course Description: STL 100 is designed to develop the foundation for the scientific literacy necessary to understand  technology's role in modern society. Basic scientific concepts underlying matter, energy, life and systems are introduced, and students engage in development of reasoning and problem solving skills associated with scientific issues. The course is an introduction with applications to ecology, human biology and health, energy transformations, and systems.  

What is STL?

Scientific and Technological Literacy (STL) is "much more than simply being able to read, understand and write about science and technology," according to a UNESCO science and technology education group, "but also includes the ability to apply scientific and technological concepts and process skills to the life work and culture of one's own society."

STL implies:

  • The development of attitudes, approaches, and skills for problem solving in daily life
  • The development of positive attitudes and values relating to science and technology
  • Dedication to effective teaching strategies, formal and informal
  • Knowledge of the processes of accessing and communicating information and a willingness to use it to meet personal, local, or global requirements

Getting Help

This guide provides some good research information. Here are some additional options for obtaining help:

  1. In person. Come to the Ryan Library Reference Desk.  When you first enter Ryan Library, bear right and walk past the large Help Desk.  Walk towards the middle of the Reference Room and look to your left.  You will see the Reference Desk there. 
    Reference Desk Hours are listed on the bottom of the Library Hours page.  
  2. By phone: Call the Reference Desk at:  914.637.7716
  3. By IM / Chat: Have an AIM account?  Send us an IM!  Our screen name is:  ryanreference
    Don't have an AIM account?  Go to our Ask a Librarian page and click inside the AIM widget. 
  4. Send us an e-mail.  You may use the form on the bottom of the Ask a Librarian page, or simply send us a message at
  5. Need in-depth research assistance?  Schedule an appointment to meet one-on-one with a Reference Librarian (most probably me).  Simply complete the Research Assistance Program (RAP) appointment request form online no less than 48 hours before desired appointment date.  A librarian will get back to you to finalize appointment date and time.

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Collaboration Recognized

Thanks to James Micik, STL professor, for his interest,
support, and suggestions.

Thanks to David Hill, adjunct Iona reference librarian, for his collaborative part in creating this guide.