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Dewey Decimal Classification System Numbers for Political Science/Law/Public Administra...

Books with call numbers ranging from 001-342 are located on the third floor of Ryan Library in the SOUTH wing.
Books with call numbers ranging from 343-799 are located on the third floor of Ryan Library in the WEST wing.
Call numbers beginning with "R" are reference books on the first floor, and call numbers beginning with "Q" or "QQ" are oversized books located on the third floor, WEST wing. Ryan Library Location Tables    Ryan Library Floor Plans / Map

  • 320 Political science
    • 321 Systems of governments & states
    • 322 Relation of state to organized groups
    • 323 Civil & political rights
    • 324 The political process
    • 325 International migration & colonization
    • 326 Slavery & emancipation
    • 327 International relations
    • 328 The legislative process
    • 329 Not assigned or no longer used
  • 340 Law
    • 341 International law
    • 342 Constitutional & administrative law
    • 343 Military, tax, trade, industrial law
    • 344 Social, labor, welfare, & related law
    • 345 Criminal law
    • 346 Private law
    • 347 Civil procedure & courts
    • 348 Law (Statutes), regulations, cases
    • 349 Law of specific jurisdictions & areas
  • 350 Public administration
    • 351 Of central governments
    • 352 Of local governments
    • 353 of U.S. federal & state governments
    • 354 Of specific central governments
    • 355 Military science
    • 356 Foot forces & warfare
    • 357 Mounted forces & warfare
    • 358 Other specialized forces & services
    • 359 Sea (Naval) forces & warfare

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